How to analyze the website construction and Optimization Based on the dynamic snapshot of the love o

three: love Shanghai snapshot before the date of

The love of Shanghai

: a case of Shanghai

love Shanghai retreated, regardless of reason love Shanghai itself the update of the data, the main reason is because the site is indeed a problem. The site there is a serious problem, the general will cause the love Shanghai snapshot file. For example, the front page of the site layout changes greatly, the title of the site changes, site space instability and so on, are likely to cause love Shanghai snapshot. Love Shanghai snapshot there may be a search engine by punishment, when the site was to be punished, may also appear before the return date snapshot. For the love of Shanghai snapshot to deal with, we only do cautiously and carefully, to avoid big changes on the scope of the website, especially home page title and etc..

didn’t love Shanghai, is not a good phenomenon. If the site is a new site, then it may be still love not included site, which is not a snapshot of the site, if it is for this reason, then we also need not worry about. Another situation is love Shanghai before and now there is no snapshot query love Shanghai snapshot. This is the worst, because the site is likely to be black, that is to be K out, K is the reason is quite likely the site uses the "black hat" optimization method, or the site is malicious attacks, resulting in unsafe web site for a long time, the site has been search engine K off. Of course, there may be the love of Shanghai are the data update, the snapshot of the situation did not occur by chance. For the site to be K, we must pay attention to, as soon as the correct website inappropriate, try to recover in the fall in love with the sea and included snapshot.

if the website snapshot does not update the love Shanghai long-term stagnation, so I think this is not a good phenomenon. Although the love of Shanghai does not represent the snapshot not update the site being punished, but not updated snapshot itself reflects the weight of the web site of the slow growth, the content on the website to update at a standstill. A website frequently updated website, the snapshot date should be similar with the current date. So for the website snapshot of the long-term stagnation of the problem, we should also pay attention to, the content on the website do regular updates, multi building chain, increase the frequency of the reptile love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshot update, prompting.

website lovelessness snapshot

two: love Shanghai snapshot not update

website snapshot is a web page Web cache in Shanghai on the search engine, we are engaged in the website construction and website optimization personnel key reference object. In fact, we love Shanghai snapshot can be used as a barometer of the website optimization, can to some extent reflect the current web site is what kind of state. As a site of Shanghai dragon Er, it must update snapshot often observe love Shanghai, and analyze the website construction and optimization of the dynamic snapshot of love from Shanghai.

stopped for a long time

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