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first weight is an important factor to affect the ranking, the weight can actually be queried by love Shanghai webmaster tools, directly affect the weight is the user experience, site credibility and authority, which is reproduced more Internet content to your website, the Internet web site recommended, and users of the site is relatively long residence time and these will bring to the site in a certain weight, and the weight of the high site ranking will be better.

then the number is included, actually included the number and weight are closely related to the weight of a web site is higher, the more the number will be included in the search engine, and realize the seconds. From this ranking factors, website content more abundant, higher quality, more number of reprint, the content of the web site the original degree is higher, so the number of included will be more natural, and with the continuous growth of the weights of the website, the website included quantity is more and more, thus forming a virtuous cycle finally, to achieve the second, is to enhance the website speed.

finally to focus on the user, with the continuous progress of love Shanghai intelligent algorithm, tracking the user’s browsing habits and reading habits have become possible, so we can achieve intelligent information inputting, if the site.

and pure fundamentals of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel, more follow the content is king, the chain of optimization methods for the emperor, engage in are optimized from these two aspects, but rarely analyzed from a purely technical point of view, these will give Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect produces negative effects, the author in order to improve Shanghai Longfeng optimization, or to seriously analyze the factors influencing the main site which, only a deep understanding of these aspects, it is possible to develop a more complete Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme.

and the second is the quality of the chain, the quality of the chain is also an important factor affecting the website ranking, an important decision factor is the weight and height of the web site outside the chain, others reproduced and recommended, while a large number of reprints will produce a large number of the chain, a lot of simulation optimization personnel for this process tend to others the things you own, reproduced to their site outside the chain, but now many websites on the Internet are not willing to put people on the site, is the so-called no not early. So many webmaster do the chain release most belong to junk the chain, the chain is not the authority of the site, so the optimization effect is not obvious, it is also a reminder of the emergence of new optimization methods, that is to pay attention to the quality of the chain, rather than simply the number of.

is now engaged in Shanghai Longfeng optimization has two main factions, one is a pure technical school, the other one is fundamentals. These two different factions have their own defects, analyze if only from the technology point of view, it may take a long time and need to miss the point of Shanghai Longfeng, optimize the staff excellent basic knowledge and ability of analysis and optimization, through a variety of code, the effect is not necessarily able to immediately highlight effect.

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