You need to work hard to talk about fast becoming Shanghai Dragon Master

when we enter a new industry, we will always be confused, do not know how to start, should from the beginning, these problems are always looking for the direction of the novice. As a novice should with what attitude to learning

try to combat

as a novice, we must first find a good learning platform, of course, a good learning platform is not to be the case, for example, my team will suggest that you see more A5 articles on the site, although there are many articles where we have seen, always feel boring, but why would continue to appear. There is reason to read a few articles, maybe you will have the new harvest. Of course, in addition to A5, there are many such platforms, such as Lu Songsong, Ma Dongyang, ZAC, of course, they didn’t like some small blog famous blog, feel the value of learning website, remember a key collection, to learn more, this is my team has been to promote learning.

this is not to be the case, most of the master are love and live in the deep mountain forest, rarely appeared. If you really want to teach master, remember to come up with their own sincerity, others will not put all selfless knowledge to you to share one, like the girl team, in the beginning, no one guide nobody to talk to you, remember that there is a girl group to see Shanghai dragon line activities in the A5 team will go to the Internet, NH know, peers in the industry, will talk to each other about this knowledge, of course, the most important gathering contact, convenient online communication, this is a way, there is another way to add.

first, we can find a good learning platform.


insist again

find an

second, we have to think more, learn more.


as a novice, should try to practice, for example, we see a very good knowledge in the forum, remember to be executed, a team at a girl how to use 1 points to create a high quality of the chain, by collecting various data, authentication is credible. Then in the next step, not really to do with the empty theory, no work experience. This girl team in the hope that we absorb knowledge on practice, so to accelerate your progress rhythm.

[introduction] such as the title, the novice industry need to become a master? This is a question worth exploring and thinking. Because many beginners will ask us when we need to work hard to be just like you master, always silent about several problems of NH team to him, do not hold a novice to learn the mentality! The following is a summary of it through the combat and training the team of my experience.

in the Shanghai dragon "

we read a lot of knowledge and articles, learn to think of reflection, to its dregs its essence, find their own knowledge, this is their own knowledge.

third, we can find the solution of doubt in mind master.


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