The overall design of Shanghai website website weight algorithm of love

(4) site layout, this is very important, the site layout is good, the equivalent of the chain to do good. The layout of the site from the customer’s point of view to the layout, so that customers can get good experience, don’t let the customer inside click several times, can not find myself looking for something.

first, the content of this one, mainly to: title, keywords, description, site layout, site architecture.

title (1): the title of the page, the length of not more than 25 Chinese characters (50 characters). Title word weight before the more higher, if you want to focus more on the better optimization of the key words. Title best written a word, let him have the readability, it is very helpful for optimization. Title should pay attention to avoid the problem of keyword accumulation.

(3) description, description, description not with the title, can put into good fusion title. Describe what love Shanghai look is not very heavy, but the description can play a role to attract customers, the same thing, perhaps is because of your description of good writing, you may get the customer’s approval.

, a chain of content.

(5) the structure of the website, which is referred to the site hierarchy. Such as: w>

we often say that "content is king, the chain for emperor", in fact, this sentence is basically told we love Shanghai website weightcalculation. That must be the content of good quality, readability and meet customer needs, and the user experience is good, this is the design of the overall site requirements.

I love Shanghai site weight calculation method, the following two points:

Key words: Keywords

is the weight of the high site in Shanghai’s ranking on the former, PR is not necessarily high, or love or Shanghai included many of the latest snapshot of a ranking. Is the need for a comprehensive assessment of the Shanghai Henan! As love + search products, we in the Zhengzhou side of the display is: A website ranking fourth, included the number of snapshots of site position and so on are compared to the first on the site (the following called B website) is better, but the website B included less, why chain, snapshot backward, less site is not the first home page also ranked first?? it makes people think about the. Yes, the rank of the website is to comprehensive assessment of the site, the site B ranking good because her friends of the chain number and stability, there is the layout page keywords do good content, good quality, user experience is better. So the ranking after the site will be a lot in these areas to enhance the site’s weight. Then the following weight analysis we have to love Shanghai how to judge a website.

(2), although now see Shanghai love keywords is not very heavy, but he sure is proposed to retain him, useful.

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