Teach you to write the 4 step title

3, the title of the search of

A Summary:

page should only consist of a theme, such as website construction of Shanghai Dragon don’t write promotion, Shanghai housing rental information page without Beijing.

generally 13 Chinese characters is ideal, suggestions in 30 Chinese characters within. Beyond the range of search engines will be intercepted, resulting, incomplete, not perfection, is likely to have a The loss outweighs the gain. ranking. So it is described, in order to ensure the integrity, as far as possible in the 150 Chinese characters, increase the click rate.

either the user or the search engine, the title is very important. Click on the title to determine if the user has the desire, the search engine to determine the content according to the title theme. In the years of Shanghai Longfeng summed up a set of title, we according to this method, I can get a good ranking and user attention.

2, focus should not be dispersed

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user experience is king

the above several aspects are considered the characteristics of web search engine, good user experience is very important. That is to say, the title page design will be conducive to the search engine as an important factor, like writing and writing web content, web page title is the first to the user, in the premise of considering the search engine makes sense. The title page design is not a casual thing, especially the title on the web page design, must be careful.

Shanghai dragon

title must be closely related with the content, the content is highly accurate generalization. The title of the article should not the title of this article can be wide of the mark, such as "the title of the wording", starting from the user, to attract users writing "of the title written on this".

4, the length of the title

1, combined with the content of the theme of correlation

from Shanghai Longfeng perspective, after all, as Shanghai dragon ER is to get traffic from search engines, important user search keywords appear in the title. In the theme and the number has been met in the case of the long tail word contains more better.

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