Study three major problems encountered in Shanghai Dragon

The use of

this paper comes from the Nanning Shanghai dragon website optimization platform

know ourselves baizhanbudai, I have no man.

server (3) and other reasons.

site is down right after do not know how to operate

Two, industry usersKeywords



(1) demand analysis of

drop right without exception is excluded from the analysis because of the following three questions

is a complete process includes 3 aspects:

big reason is because we do not understand the industry of the site, using optimization to optimize the Shanghai dragon general is times, change the title, change the description, navigation, update, change the hair outside the chain in addition do not know what to do. When we get a website we want a complete process, when the You’ll see. how to optimize our is a complete process of time, because we have the plan will be in accordance with the steps of operation, and logical thinking is very clear.

(2) peer website data comparison


does not have the user clicks.


found the garbage chain add love Shanghai Webmaster Platform refused to link.

according to love Shanghai top 20 web sites, analyzed and extracted most users demand intention.

transition optimization, spam.

(3) Shanghai Longfeng optimization implementation scheme for

when you do when the user needs analysis, when you do not compare website data counterparts, this optimization scheme is based on what your data set up? The bottom construction determines the superstructure is a reason. When we do not have enough data to collude when a program, we need to find out the problems and solve the website.

statistical analysis of the data we have the website that content is that users do not need, we will replace the content, most of the users need content on the website the most obvious place. There are statistics to know our website


three, website ranking to stay when you do not know how to do

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, when we optimize the site Xinlimeidi

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