Shanghai dragon well content and experience will have ranking

website with content is not an easy thing, is not a short duration of time things, if you really want to do a website optimization, want to get love recognized by Shanghai, then you should start from now on, write the title. The content of the title is very important, only the title is written well, you will have to see the content, so a good editor is very important. PS: most of the webmaster is everything, this is a small case.

but, on the contrary, if you are not content to do, the user experience is not in place, even if you go to toss those useless, no one will come to your website, not to click on your website, no one will care about your website, not to mention the ranking, it is bloody the time for the lessons of experience.


title written, it should also look to it, the user experience is coming. I have seen a website like this, it has four or five classification, each classification is the user need, but the content is wonderful, but with the column classification is not the same, or out of order. A classification of articles, in another category to. This will cause the user to see the classification to see the article, or can not find what you want.

with love Shanghai update, the chain is not valued by everyone, but it is worth mentioning that, since the existence of the word chain, it is proved that there is a little effect, for example, can attract traffic, increase site. If it is not necessary to do outside the chain, or brand word, or send some valuable articles, attract a loyal fans.

Shanghai Longfeng content and experience will have good rankings, if the website chain do you still think of you is very important, you can continue, but personally feel, now do content, experience is more important. The content is always there is a basic website, if there is no content of this website is not necessary to exist. Like a house, what are not there.

may have some people may ask, Shanghai Longfeng not do 301 redirect, modify the code, do the site map, the rankings? What seems to be the editor? Well, Shanghai dragon article is not over, but the author, I summarize the content and experience, if you do and you don’t do 301 redirect, you don’t do the map, you don’t care about some of the details are never mind, love Shanghai will still give you ranking.

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