5 important aspects of detailed website construction

Hello, I am plump mall editor, every day a submission to the A5 soft brother is our station honor, some small talk about the work of website construction is essential, I hope you love. Now that most part of the bosses of the business through the website to promote the rational use of the Internet website, can give the boss who bring transfer business, the giant network’s influence is evident in the world, but the site has a powerful influence before the rationalization of website construction, the following small we talk about 5 important aspects of reasonable construction site.

A: have stressed that their website domain name space with copyright


domain name and space must belong to you, if you buy a domain name in the network company: 1, user name, password, backstage management. Username: 1.ftp password 2.ftp space;; 3.ip; 4. control panel username etc.. Now some bosses do not understand on the site of the operation, basic pay is outside the company with the website, with the enthusiasm in the future of the Internet for a lot of money, the website account password and copyright are not clear, it is not what money laozhe Mody, so small copyright is an essential first step in their first master. There is need to pay attention to the different contents of the site, to avoid the use of level two and free domain name, each other to avoid trouble, if it is to do commercial websites, websites and.Net, suffix.Org.Gov has a higher rank than the贵族宝贝 advantage.

three: "reasonable design fluent

four: the original content should be attractive

web design do not separate the pursuit of beauty, if placed too much Flash, especially home, otherwise will be punished to spare "," the size of about 34KB in general for the appropriate range, otherwise the user good speed for a long time not open, even the spider will think of your site to be shut down to the next.


Keywords: positioning to be cautiousKeywords

this is the most important, the most important point, must keep the site updated, but also to ensure the original station and understaffed 3 original words a week is enough, now a locomotive, is rampant, some webmaster hand many websites both here, after a pass chaos collected over love cry incessantly >.

core is the site of the soul, is the direction of development, must stand in the perspective of the user to select what kind of keywords, never in their own imagination just fill in a few words, if not can reference tool, screening the search volume and less competitive keywords, optimize the strength is relatively more handy. Keywords he is omnipresent, decisive, the title should not exceed 3, single page density at 2% – 7% between as well. TITLE, description, keywords must have keywords, without too much or deliberately repeated.

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