Shanghai based dragon sing the same old song how to write a high quality page Title

Title how to optimize it? I’m here to share some experience:


Title is the title of the page, in the end how to write? How to write is a good Title? Title quality directly determines the user clicks and open your website’s expectations. First, we take a look at what is Title, as shown below:


1 Title, remember to write, write, from left to right, the more important the words on the left, whether it is Shanghai or noble love baby, 360, soso and other search engines, is such a judgment, on the left side of the important! So, if you want to highlight your product name (customers often search keywords), then you have to put your company name or website name behind:

is now the general site if the HTML file is in, if you have the background, such as WordPress, Zblog blog platform, including a number of blog sites, or the use of some of the enterprise website, then the general title of the article will automatically generate Title.

3, Title’s character is best not more than 100 characters, including spaces and punctuation, Chinese a word count of 2 characters, the search engine results will only display 64 characters, but the words sometimes display according to the search words that do not necessarily have a choice, from left to right shows up 64 characters can be displayed at any intermediate section of 64 characters in length Title.

> 4.

in search engine results, I used the red box live is Title, love Shanghai results directly according to the key words "I search" what is title "title" which is what marked red, here, I believe, to the website of Shanghai Longfeng rankings, you should send the Title to write OK how important it is for the Shanghai dragon. So where is Title write? First look at the title page Title attribute HTML writing (red line down):


For example, you are selling

2, Title wrote to contain important keywords, and the combination of people’s habits and search words, interrogative sentences, Chinese people’s love for XXXX XXXX xxxxx? How? How? How XXXX do questions in the form of search, often to the rational use of


iPhone, iPad mobile power, the company name is Kunshan Xianda digital, then you must write this: Title iPhone, iPad mobile power – Kunshan Xianda digital, rather than Kunshan Xianda digital – iPhone, iPad mobile power supply;

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