The problem of mobile terminal site optimization techniques

1, the headline should comply with the requirements of the


on the PC side, the left LOGO website will help the search for website attention. Similarly in the mobile terminal is a kind, and this is particularly important.

2, logo site in the mobile terminal

Daqi close, Phoenix Forum should be closed, visible, menacing face of the mobile terminal, in the PC era, some websites on the Internet day dash has disappeared. In the end PC is king of the times, who can get more traffic from the PC, who will be able to win. However, China Internet environment is now changing greatly, even love Shanghai is also a difficult transition, the transition to a PC and mobile terminal in parallel manner from the PC. Now the flow tends to distribute, does not depend on search. Traffic sources scattered, brought to the search engine pressure is a blow.

mobile terminal screen

on the PC side, there are certain restrictions for the site title, we all agree is the best title within 64 characters, this will make possible all the spider site title to show up, so, here also said, for the mobile terminal is the same, although the method of mobile terminal similar to the PC side, but the mobile terminal especially limited screen, this number has restricted the mobile terminal screen for eye focusing area as far as possible to meet in the title above. The mobile terminal screen is an indicator of problems, how to optimize the line title in front of such a big size, the PC can refer to end skills, try to make the site in the mobile terminal all displayed in the eyes of the focus, which will attract the user’s attention.

, however, for the website, if you ignore the traffic moving side no matter from that point of view is not a good deal. Like the flow station, the survival of the flow is to be realized. Although, in some website mobile terminal traffic is not very much, still far less than PC, but the growth trend of this traffic, faster than the increase of the PC end. This change in the flow of the source, we will be more attention to promote the flow of mobile terminal, so as to increase website income or realized to make due adjustments. Generally speaking, for us, is to see the money, the source of the flow is more rich, in order to maintain our demand for money. Therefore, as a webmaster, it should pay more attention to the mobile terminal optimization, especially the optimization technique, in order to allow more traffic sources, more in line with their expectations for a pursuit. The following small series from several aspects about web site optimization techniques of mobile terminal.

still is different from the PC side is the mobile terminal need manual contact screen, to see more the way down. Therefore, in the early days of web design will need to consider a presentation, let the user in a certain length, more ways to reduce the sliding screen, see more information.

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