How to make full use of business assets to Shanghai Long Fengzhong

never put the content or data

if one is a good strategy, to execute — remember, you are already doing optimization, than to develop new strategies, content or process easier. Especially for link building, which is the most likely to pick the fruit.

you may have never posted on the website of the content, the content often is of great value to Shanghai dragon. However, many companies do not understand the contents of this release to search engine friendly way benefits. You through the mail last printed a large number of articles is very suitable for web archiving. You should put all the electronic magazine content on the website. If you have a unique data or text materials, should put them in the relevant page (if there is no such content, consider creating some).


, micro site?

has a positive customer experience


is likely to be your company or organization there are a lot of valuable assets in the website, the quality and quantity can make good use of them to improve the search engine optimization for traffic. The following is a discussion of some examples.

· if the domain name is an independent website, you are wise to link their

get more benefits? Your

· if you have the complete matching keyword domain name, can be used to do the

if you have multiple domain names, then you need to consider is:

partners can also be in a similar way to make full use of, especially in the link. If you have the service or use the services of the business partners, you can implement the link between strategy on their website and your website. Although exchange links reputation is not too good, but on your site to establish a "partnership", "customer", "service provider" or "recommended sites" and not what is wrong, and ask your partner to do no wrong. As long as the appropriate building links, and even to ensure that only highly relevant and trusted website.

you owned or controlled by other domain name

online and offline

is a very good customer resources for a link, you should also know that they can write. The customers and visitors can contribute to a variety of content. If you have the user contributed content options, and see the value of user generated content, be sure to let customers, visitors and registered mail list with links and content.

Internet ?

this principle also applies to ordinary viewers. For many cable companies or provide entertainment, real products and customer service of the company, if your service value >

· whether something from which the domain name 301 to a subdirectory of the main domain name or site,

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