Thinking of changing the idea of Taobao off the degree of user experience

from traffic to change the transformation rate of


change from a buy to stick to the user to repeat purchase

last year Taobao passenger station but also appear like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, I am also a little "the bamboo shoots", I do care, after 2 months I love Shanghai two words also ranked the top three, which has gone through the three love Shanghai behind three ranking finally to the stable position now, now every fixed IP200, for my website now products, they can not, I am contented, because my website in addition to Taobao no longer off to allow more people to access the reason. Recently, think again let my little Taobao guest website how to attract more traffic? How do I get the original Taobao skin care products do not only customers on skincare products? How can I get my site to become a platform for buyers? How come to my website visitors sticky on my site in the statistical background? Every day looking at the data, except some comfort accident, recently got some new understanding, don’t know what other people, my background visitors every day is new, no >

I do Taobao off less than half the time, which in addition is to insist on thinking, all of the same thought until now also have the harvest, but recently when webmaster statistics have new thinking, thinking now the overall feeling is to change. After income from zero to some process, I experienced from the web technology to customer experience degree and the change of the conversion of my ascension is also very important.

at the beginning of the year when I found my site traffic increase, but my income still has been stagnant, I saw many articles about the conversion rate in the webmaster nets, very enlightening to adjust the site, I put the original to Shanghai Long Fengcai navigation made more clear and accurate adjustment, and the the page template to do the landscaping, delete a lot of Rongfan advertising pictures, make the site looks very cool, and other details, basically are the details of the adjustment. Results after a few days have more transactions, of course, I was very happy! Now think about the optimization was not what core, just do the details of the adjustment, nor do the original, not the chain, but the effect is very obvious. Why is my site itself optimization is very good, a lot of people coming, not just the page and the internal result is very friendly, so that visitors to experience is not high, it is not easy, the website is a tool, when there are a lot of people know this tool, and then use this tool, but you the tool if it does not do the job, the people will be very awkward, he will change with other tools, and finally the loss is our webmaster, so when Taobao guest website has certain popularity, we more than excessive optimization, but should pay attention to your user experience. Let your friends to visit your site, and then allow them to make use of the problem, then you do not adjust, you according to your supervisor to adjust the idea, because you are not the most visitors to see you from the point of view of the visitors

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