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past Shanghai dragon has been advocating "content is king, the chain for emperor", in fact, this sentence is still the truth, and more and more attention by all the major search engines. To love Shanghai search engine the "original", "spark plans to talk about the chain" judgment, are in fact emphasizes the content and importance of the chain, and the guidance of Shanghai Longfeng work, focus should grasp in the content and the chain, as long as a reasonable grasp of the two enterprises, enhance the website weight sooner or later.

major search engines increasingly high demands on the quality of content in recent years, this has prompted the Shanghai dragon Er editing and writing skills continue to strengthen the promotion, with the fastest speed to adapt to the change of Shanghai dragon. The general enterprise web page is relatively small, it should pay more attention to the quality of the content, especially the value of the user’s product page, if you want the user to quickly understand their products, product quality is the content of the page can not be ignored, by adding a detailed description of the product page, the establishment of high quality page. Can also use the technology to write more articles, to provide users more choice. Collect customer problems, ask yourself from a sure need. For users, show some transaction information more attractive.

1, pay attention to the content of the quality of

with the rapid growth and development of the Internet, more and more traditional companies also began gradually to the development of Internet, more and more attention to the network marketing. The Shanghai dragon is the enterprise in Internet is one of the most important marketing mode. For the enterprise website, are generally the most high conversion rate and volume, while Shanghai Longfeng relatively, can quickly start, and the cost is low, many enterprises to enter the Internet is a necessary choice. For small businesses, the site structure is simple clear, content information is not required, the number of pages class less, these are easy to management and operation. However, the enterprise website optimization strategy also needs certain methods for the enterprise website how to do

said the reasonable structure of the website optimization is crucial? It is because for general corporate website, data and information quantity is not large, the layout of the structure above.

3, reasonable structure of the site

2, the chain and chain

many people think that the station do outside the chain, do the chain wars, personally think that for each site, both must pay attention to, the chain and chain should grasp. Of course, for the moment, the chain is not easy to build high quality, what is the high quality of the chain? That is the natural reverse link, want to do natural reverse, it must focus on soft skills, can really get people to share. And the chain is emphasized on the structure and recommend the editor, the structure can be added automatically recommend the latest articles or articles recommended, and content is the need to focus on marketing, recommend the most important to the user the most valuable information is the key.

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