What to do online how to make moneyAn analysis of the latest registration policy of the company

unfortunately, the management of the company in April 2nd began to shut down all male industrial and commercial procedures, new industrial registration has been frozen.

2, you want good things to do list, must list, best can write a little hung saw in you look up the place, and when you do, you look at the list and see what you want to do a thing done, after the look and see what are you going to do.


guidance statement

there are a lot of male entrepreneurs who will ask, "Chen expert, when do you expect the new zone to be registered?"

as a leading business services group, chief expert of Pu Lan show thinking, I of course I group, the relevant departments have been docking contact authorities, "the daily morning and night settle province for the latest policy".


this problem, experts have become a brick home, because experts can only be based on the experience and summary of business registration, and tax related matters, the national policy can not be expected, after all is not the central leaders in charge.

Rongcheng, two county open change subsequent Anxin later than Xiongxian, but there are many limitations, can not change address, not to change the name of the male, an entrepreneur, for such change, qualified through the acquisition, not too easy or not so coincidentally, she just met your needs;

1, you want to do what you have to do tomorrow. If you have today, you can’t think about it tomorrow, because tomorrow will be too late for you to think about it.

Xiongxian has opened up the stock of old enterprises i.e., set up in 4.1 before to change the registration, which means you can change the name of the enterprise, business scope, legal representative, registered capital, equity, registered address, can generally be changed;

4, hook up the things you do, you know you’ve done all those things, see your accomplishments, and what you don’t do, and what you’re going to do next.



now I think to want to earn money on the Internet, you will have to work, you have to learn how to make money online, you want to go to learn what knowledge, the only way you can make money on the Internet, if not, then you don’t want to make money. Well, know to learn, a lot of people do, but do not you? Don’t you see, is a day of knowledge, then you can not see, then you may not earn money, also need to keep; and you know a method to make money, but you don’t, you won’t earn money. So there’s one thing that I think is the most important, and that’s execution. If you have a strong executive power, then I am sure you will succeed. Well, now that the executive power is so important, so how to improve the execution? Here’s a simple way, why say? Because the execution is the thing that is difficult to teach, this is mainly to see the individual.

so, today, at 9 on June 21, 2017, I’ll tell you about the latest policy for industrial and commercial registration,

even three County Industrial and commercial system of people are confused, now, you need to have, how

3, keep reminding yourself that you want to take this matter very seriously, think of it as the most important thing in your day, and think about it a little more seriously, that is, if you don’t do it, you’re done.

today, all xiongan District three Xiongxian County, Rongcheng County, the new county new registered enterprises new business are frozen, xiongan District failed to register the new company enterprise;

but under special instructions, the name of the new district will not be registered, nor can it be taken with a "male" brand.

enterprise name is "Xiongxian + name + industry name + organization form name"

universal show expert thinking for the male security investors to explain the latest new industrial registration policy;

now we have a lot of new friends want to make money online, they already know to make money online is really the problem, they are always thinking about making money, think a little faster earn money, think easily earn money. Now online there is such thing? I think there is no why, I personally feel that? Because the Internet is so big, I can’t learn them all, so I can not say easily can quickly earn money in the existing project. But personally, I now feel is not, because I myself before is to many new now think is the same, when I started the old thinking is able to earn money, can easily quickly earn a lot of money, but the reality is the opposite, I he therefore went very many detours, and therefore cheated badly.

: Xiongxian Pu Pu show thinking Service Co., Ltd.

5, today’s things must be completed today, not completed, do not eat, do not sleep, so that all can not do, but also what to eat rice, who knows what. Until you’ve done it

p lan Si show for people interested in Entrepreneurship Chamberlain xiongan venture anticipation xiongan new company registered New opening time;

male new born, the Millennium opportunity, many entrepreneurs, investors and speculators are "on" "covet" for a long time.

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