What the chain not desirable to love Shanghai chain update algorithm

remember a few years ago, we used to query their chain in various Webmaster Platform, so you can get a part of the chain, many webmaster inspired began to brush. Because such chain is relatively simple, some owners even all day long 24 hours to brush, thus causing the birth of a large number of garbage outside the chain, the way in the first is great, and can bring a lot of the chain for your website. Love Shanghai in the outer chain algorithm update, clearly put this kind of chain is defined as the garbage outside the chain, so the role of the chain basically useless, love Shanghai already can be identified accurately.

April 25th, Shanghai issued a notice on "love" through the chain to judge Webmaster Platform believe this announcement, many webmaster friends read. By reading this report we can see that the future of our webmaster friends do the chain channels and narrow, many owners are ready to accept either course after reading this, because love cannot read about Shanghai garbage outside the chain of the chain and the definition of cheating. Today is the mainstream love the stars before the chain is also a specific analysis method in the trial, we hope to be able to help.

third, BBS signature chain


first, the search results page of the chain and the chain webmaster query class

on the BBS signature of the chain of this one, the last part is today to say, after all this point in our actual use up. BBS signature of the chain is also a lot of stationmaster are very optimistic about a chain of the way, but after this love Shanghai update algorithm, has been regarded as the garbage outside the chain. The A5 forum also canceled the BBS signature of the chain in May 3rd, it is said that in the future the forum outside the chain have been desirable, so to remind you.

first, we first analyze the treatment method about love Shanghai announcement on several of the chain, including the chain blog, BBS signature of the chain, the chain industry website, Links and search results generated outside the chain, the chain has a lot of love has been clearly pointed out that Shanghai is cheating the chain, if a large number of issued it will be punished by search engines. So in the end what the chain has become a minefield, we should make the construction of the chain from what? We have the following detailed analysis.

released the chain cheating website

if a site is down right to love Shanghai, then this site inside the chain is also regarded as the garbage outside the chain, actually this view of love Shanghai makes sense, because cheating website internal links must also may not be justified up to do, since the site is right down the search engine, then the chain of the site also such as search engines will not be included in the weight. This also reminds us of the webmaster friends, be sure to regularly check their Links, once found Links site is down right, then immediately removed, because the site is down right Links is not to be included in the weight.


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