Love Shanghai algorithm adjust brand protection consciousness

recently love Shanghai and adjust the algorithm. This time the adjustment algorithm allows the site to brand is more of a polymerization force. If careful Adsense will find this time the adjustment algorithm let love Shanghai products on the home page. Originally home seat Co., an increase in love products in Shanghai, this is conducive to the protection of the brand, if your brand is very famous, but the website is only one, the other nine? Who will participate in the ranking? If there is a website to participate in the rankings, it is not the website brand word closure the. This love Shanghai the adjustment algorithm has the following changes:

Now we go to

, the integration of brand information


two, the brand information centralized display


search a brand we will find, the search results will appear in the Shanghai library, know love, the love of Shanghai Post Bar products, is not before. The love for the brand in Shanghai to increase the degree of polymerization. So to want to expand the brand influence the webmaster or fear of their own brand is the throttle station door is a boon. This love in this piece of Shanghai brand protection is finally a step. At the same time, the platform is the credibility of the largest, for users with high reliability, to reduce the probability of the user being cheated. Love Shanghai brand information products, increase the user experience, which enables the user to understand the brand. Figure:

this time the adjustment algorithm in general users is very good, at least in the experience has been greatly improved. At the same time is not conducive to the protection of brand closure. Now the protection of the meaning of Internet brand is still relatively weak, but the love of Shanghai is an important step. Do not make the ranking is Shanghai dragon now, but must take account of the influence of the brand. If you have time, can begin to love the layout of Shanghai’s products, is conducive to love Shanghai brand exhibition.

love Shanghai for a few words brand showcase love Shanghai exhibits information. Together we will find the brand word rarely show the following conditions. Now love Shanghai integrated brand word appears in a certain place and do the integration on display. This is good for love Shanghai, increase the user experience is not that also love Shanghai to guide the flow of products. At the same time can increase the viscosity of the user. Figure:

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