The big four of the weights of the website

2 server, unstable factors. A short period of time the server is not stable, spiders index caused by too much slower, or no index, may also lead to search engine drop right. A good website reaction speed is the premise factors, site is stable when compared to most of the time, we take the flat-share server website and server independent website, website weight higher general independent server is more stable. Of course, in turn is established. Tangled up a chicken and egg problem. However, if the server long time under the unstable situation, certainly will affect the search engine to determine the weight. Some even room because of 1 reasons, 2 days are unable to access the website to restore the snapshot and spider visit frequency, still need to do some work.

not long ago with a webmaster friends about things down the right site, the development process is basically a site is down right, and then continue to recover, and ultimately achieve stable state. For the website right down, roughly in: 1, included the total sharply, or continuous time decreased; 2, compared to drop right before the included rate decreased, weight stable period may be a few minutes, a few hours, right down may no longer included, or included a long interval of time; 3, snapshot of stagnation or snapshot, the common snapshot is more; 4, keyword ranking fell, for some of the original weight is less stable site, ranking may disappear. What are the common causes of the website down right? According to more than 1 years since several times the actual situation, the general short-term drop right or be search engine included in the observation period the reasons generally have the following aspects:

3, the sudden increase chain is not a good thing. The chain is the webmaster and love to hate, love is the site of the weight and ranking is mostly depends on the support of the chain, hate is if you want to do outside the chain can be really tired, the chain increased sharply is not what good. After countless stationmaster that >

. Fame portends trouble for men fattening portends for pigs, the website weight is higher, more easy to cause the attention of others. Black chain large market to let some good use of rogue tool for people to have a chance at the same time, such as ARP, horse and other bad behavior, let search engine very carefully. Once on your website that damage the user’s clues, right down the speed is generous. For these factors, on the one hand, based on the master server security and website security, must also be vigilant, timely detection of problems, to deal with the problem. In the face of some technical problems of their ability range and can not, should be found in time to solve the person or team, even under some overhead, but also to timely dispose of code page or problem. If a long time in a horse or be black in the state, the weight of the site hit is very large. At least that recovery, will have to see whether the timely treatment, and other aspects of the site, such as content, chain stability and not comprehensive factors and. In short, the weight is more stable, the recovery time will be faster.

1, the security problem of frequent

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