Analysis of website construction is the need of Shanghai dragon or SEM

again: many methods of SEM. Search engine optimization method is just one of the many methods of SEM, there are many SEM methods, pay for free can achieve the purpose of marketing. Pay method of bidding promotion promotion, advertising alliance; free methods of email marketing, social media integrated marketing, blog marketing forum, free resources cooperation marketing. These methods are in the website construction to achieve the SEM method, each method has its advantages, but also have some disadvantages, so for the construction site, want to have the effect of network marketing success, Shanghai dragon and these paid free promotion requires a combination of complementary approach to construction. This website, the effect will be brought to the site more ideal.

: first, Shanghai dragon is one of the SEM methods. Shanghai dragon SEM search engine optimization, search engine marketing, Shanghai dragon is a kind of method of SEM of many methods, different types of Web sites may choose different interviews to do SEM. The construction site used in the search engine optimization the final purpose is to do network marketing, network development platform many enterprises have used the network marketing, so will need to use some means to marketing their products, so as to achieve the purpose of network marketing, the Shanghai dragon become the inevitable choice for SEM, at the same time the construction site, SEM is the best method of Shanghai dragon, brought to the site of interest is the most effective.


: then reach marketing through the Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon used in website construction is mainly reflected in the website keywords ranking, website through keyword ranking optimization, improve the site in the search engine exposure, using the method of keyword ranking allows users to enter the site, so that the flow of users into effective user’s own consumption, the user is a website to achieve the purpose of marketing through Shanghai dragon. Shanghai Longfeng optimization is now the most common network marketing methods, the best method is, through the natural ranking result is relatively stable, but also free promotion methods. Through the method of website optimization in Shanghai Longfeng, according to their site products, customized precise keywords and long tail keywords, in order to bring effective flow to the website, but this keyword is tens of thousands of, this method may also cause the conversion rate is not high, many users and real users is not a website, just want to know our product users, or is already in use by users of the product, this method Shanghai dragon can not completely meet the SEM marketing.

in Shanghai know love platform to see stationmaster asked: what is the difference between SEM and Shanghai Longfeng, their website construction is SEM or Shanghai dragon. Such problems may often make the webmaster confused, can not tell the difference between the two, do not know their site exactly which method is used to build, in fact the two are subordinate words, did not say is the website construction must use which method.

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