Cry up wine and sell vinegar why derivative pyramid style can spread rapidly

recently, CCTV exposure of a small number of suspected MLM insider, the main products sold is the mask. All kinds of advertising agency already micro business are everywhere, in fact derivative selling products not to earn much profit, but through the continuous development of offline to earn commission. For example: there are top agents, second-line agents, three line agents, etc., the underlying agents need to pay fees to the next level agents. This profit model and the notorious line of MLM basically no difference, Tencent official is vigorously combat this MLM type micro business. But why there are so many people will be deceived, have to cause us to ponder.

circle of friends to show off their wealth, for young people great lethality

a little careful friends will find, do not know when their WeChat circle of friends a lot more brush single friends show off. Customers are generally single under the WeChat interface screenshot, or Penguin chat screenshot, some of the friends of the truth is not fooled. In fact, those screenshots can be generated using the software, and can be found on the network of similar software. So do not believe those screenshots, but this is a lot of violence for many young people, almost every 80, 90 young people want to make big money. When you see your friends become rich, very natural can go to learn, and this process is simply using WeChat to brainwash, not what the difference and the way of brainwashing mlm.

micro business touted, make money like a pie in the sky

is not only those MLM micro businesses in the blind friends, as well as the current WeChat, micro business was boom, two factors make more money to make the young people can not bear. Or to see their side have a friend to do micro business to earn a lot of money, it will certainly drive around acquaintances and friends. In addition, many people are making money on how easy it is to make money, like a pie in the sky, but you will understand it yourself. Micro business is not what you want to be able to do, blindly credulous micro agency advertising words, thinking of easy to make money young people most likely to be deceived.

low operating costs, low threshold to become the first choice

opened a few years ago, Taobao has become the first choice for many young people, there are still many young people are willing to try to open shop. But now the cost is too high to open the shop, the competition is too intense, no money to invest in the early stage is difficult to survive, simply do not earn any money. Now micro business hot and then the same as Taobao, young people to become the main force of micro operators, operating costs are relatively low micro business. Thousands of dollars to pay agency fees can be done, and do a lot of micro business friends are part-time, anyway, did not expect to earn much money on the micro business. In fact, only in the circle of friends brush advertising, real purchase orders are few friends.

Taking the

micro pyramid style is in "cry up wine and sell vinegar", if not severely punished, certainly there will be more people cheated. But not on the micro business after all some spare none, micro business is through a formal model in profit. So how to identify the formal micro business, or pyramid

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