Recommending network marketing enterprises sing the same old song

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said briefly the enterprise marketing forum, soft, rich platform with: incremental marketing brand, the use of Soft blog window geometry, forum campaign, each platform as the foundation stone, directly use the platform to make orders, or the use of blogs, forums, platforms add connection guide to their own independent website made orders. This is quicker. Let’s talk about the vast small and medium enterprises regarding product marketing needs to know the connection method in electronic commerce. This is my opinion, master drifting.

connection, external links: 1 website links, select the same position or high such as Google PR, associated with your enterprise products, timely snapshot content updates quickly, establish the real content of healthy and beneficial to users of the website links. Good connections can play the role of mutual recommendation, the same increase in ranking, the user can also be like shopping malls can be very convenient to browse from other places from you to increase the site stickiness. Your good connection and your path will be more broad and accessible, increase the amount, so as to quickly visit spider grab information, your engine will also pay more attention to your web page.

is connected with the 2 domain name or path to the platform of the product or issue with your domain name can even return to your home page, or your website address, or specific information, such as the path connecting the original source URL behind the suffix /? Thread-406-1.html, which belongs to the absolute path. Easy access to browse information. Another example to Baidu know answer questions then (Reference) you enter your website content this absolute path, if the questioner satisfaction not only points, the word you will be key, it will also lead to considerable traffic. But have to pay attention to your answer, as far as possible to satisfy the questioner, there is a high degree of correlation with your website or product theme.

3 label connection, generally used in the forum, you need to design good promotional products in your product name tag, to your site name tag, tag, label site key word connection are link to the home page. Top of the best selection of high quality articles related to your products, and your reply has the actual content of interaction, such labels will play a good role.

4 anchor text connection, to the forum, blog writing articles can do anchor text, you want to recommend the product or web site name, the long tail words, columns, anchor text can be very good to improve the website ranking. If you are the product of steel products, you can make the product (steel) to do the anchor text, or (XX steel mesh), the operation is the stone you can also add your region to do anchor text (Shandong stone), etc., flexible use.

connection, internal links: 1 inside the guide links, to clear. Allows users to see your content can be returned to the column or home page.

2 articles within the key words, the article can be linked to the main chain of the main push this keyword specific page, or column or home page, of course, depends on the word competition.

there are many such as the long tail word do

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