How to build a successful website

enterprise web site is known as the network trademark, a domain name and corporate image consistent with the domain name, is the premise of the enterprise network marketing. The website is an important window to publicize and reflect the corporate image and culture on the internet.

a domain name choice

with a corporate name and image match the domain name, is the premise of the enterprise network marketing. Because the domain name is unique, a domain name registered successfully, no other institution can not register the same domain name. Therefore, the domain name is an important network trademark, in the network marketing plays the role of corporate identity, in the domain name, it is necessary to take into account the domain name and the name of the enterprise.

a good domain name should be concise, avoid too long characters lead to memory difficulties, in addition, the domain name should also take into account the international nature of the Internet, taking into account the international users. A good domain name, the future of the enterprise network brand image of the success of the overall situation. If your domain name is not the memory of your potential users to use, it means that they forget how to find your company’s virtual facade.

two, space rental

how much space does it take to build a corporate website? How should companies choose space?

enterprises should have their own space station, which is to select the appropriate server, the size of the space is mainly based on the size of the business, the size of the site to choose, in general, the strength of large enterprises, and enterprises based on large database and safety considerations, in order to select the best choice for the erection of server and medium-sized enterprises; more willing to choose the server hosting service, so you can save a large sum of money management and maintenance of server and network administrators; small and medium enterprises and share the virtual host, namely space rental. General small and medium enterprise website about space in 100M-200M space.

three, website planning

site is too much planning, and this is often not the owner and producer of the site. Many enterprises in the web site, find some relevant enterprises engaged in: simple introduction and product introduction, with a few photographs, to producer, told a few words "do pretty ah" and so on, the rest of the things is waiting for approval. The producer, is the first to follow the views of customers, to meet customer requirements, in order to "look good, then, with the dynamic effect, finish the work report. Such a site, it may be really beautiful, both sides are satisfied, but definitely not a very good website. Why? Because it is nothing more than an enterprise brochure, similar to a blackboard newspaper, it is only a simple message.

a practical, valuable good website, especially enterprise website, it should have a certain marketing function, we call it a marketing website. Marketing type website, is the combination of network technology and the actual situation of the enterprise, it can help the enterprise to make money, it is really useful East >

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