Who said that Chinese literature and art sites can not make money

with the birth of the Internet age, social information is with amazing speed and people close blending art website also like bamboo shoots after a spring rain fight with the world. There are hundreds of Chinese in all kinds of large and small art website, showing the fierce state of the Warring States disputes including social welfare as one falls, another rises, and the unit or individual image type, also have the special information service etc.. They must have their own value and social prospects.

the existence of any thing must have its economic value, and the art website, is consistent with the art market faster circulation media, so in the social and cultural prosperity and development today, it has economic value.

A few days ago to Beijing

recruitment, a China Central Academy of Fine Arts art history department graduate wrote a plan: the construction of a literary art site, require specialized content, commercial operation. According to my understanding, the so-called " the operation of commercial " is that the site can be used to make money.

although, in many people’s eyes, literature and art is to " money " gas, but the writers and artists have to eat, not to mention the construction and maintenance of a website itself also need a lot of investment, therefore, literature and art website certainly need to profit, at least to support the normal operation and development own.

so I went to see some of the more famous literature and art site, found that these sites do have their own profit model:

the first is to advertise

" " State Community; for example, open the page, will see a major advertising galleries and institutions, the integration is also a considerable income; in addition, the inside pages are also embedded GG, MM text ads and advertising pictures.

second is to sell CD

" " free space as an example, to space " they make to the CD sold on the website, the price is 28 yuan /CD, and each CD but the cost of 2 yuan, but also 5 yuan freight revenue calculation is very high.

third is the content charges

the most famous of these is " banyan under ". There are a number of sites, under the banner of fundraising, donations can get VIP identity, in fact, is a disguised form of charges.

fourth is a

For example,

" ", " community; hometown, " " " and " starting point of literature;; Chinese art network " and so on, this kind of website should be mainly receive royalties from the author’s royalties to do a profit.

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