n the first 8 years of a single business platform Ali did not pick up the reasons and Solutions

ARTONE mop, kitchenware company in Ali enterprise platform has done eighth years of integrity, back to look at the data show volume 0 volume 0 exposure or 0, that is to say, every year in Alibaba actually didn’t make a list, did not take over, what is the problem of Ali? Or professional problem? Or the company did not pay attention to this platform? I just came in the company took over the operations director position, I looked at the heart of a cold. Hey, wasted a good platform. Psychological pressure to think about. I wonder what I should do and how should I write this business plan?

start with the company. Yangjiang City Jin Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is a professional production of high-grade stainless steel products owned enterprises, leading production ARTONE brand mop, 360 rotary mop, mop bucket, tableware, kitchenware, barbecue, bar and kitchen products. Research and development of Jin development process has been committed in stainless steel products, exquisite production technology, strong technical force. Varieties emerge in an endless stream, the company now has two factories, workers have more than 1000 people, the annual export volume has reached the level of 70% Yangjiang hardware. It is proved that the strength and efficiency of the company are quite famous locally. Jin Shun Hardware Factory produced products are exported to foreign countries, that its products are in the form of foreign trade, but now the company ARTONE series mop cleaning supplies, the company in terms of kitchen utensils and household cleaning products was outstanding. Such a strong ability of enterprise capital and talent, it had not received a list of the platform on Ali why? The reason is enough to show Jin Shun Hardware Factory and sales tracking according to the actual situation of the enterprise, has neglected the Alibaba platform and other network platform. This is enough to make me ashamed. I looked at the company’s qualification and product quality are very good, if you have a good grasp of Ali in the past 8 years. I believe it will increase sales platform, more sales channels and products for the company. I wrote this started a little hate meet feeling, why they didn’t take over, although I do not say I have much ability, but at least in this period can find a little bit of Phnom penh. This is the case, then the analysis of how I do it.

1, rebuild the layout of the page and the shop;

took over the gold Shun Hardware Company Ali bar it, the first feeling is rotten, second feel empty, the feeling is to give up the third. Of course, it is impossible to give up, if he gave up, why should I come back to get the wages?. The first time I thought about starting from the page. Upgrade 2 of the shop layout, the company immediately put it on the platform Ali show a little bit of glory. Ali mother platform to do a BANNER, then do the company’s LOGO upload up, which makes a simple head to do a good job, of course, this is only a primary reconstruction will not go deep into the design or what. This makes the original platform increased a little vitality, >

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