Students in more than 2 months of undercover opened the Taobao money brush single insider sellers

figure: Zhang Yan (a pseudonym) brush single, in February 9th received an empty package

to Taobao shopping, a lot of people like to see the seller’s volume and buyers comments. However, if these volumes and praise is not true, then the buyer may be deceived.

3 months ago, a Wuhan university student Zhang Yan (a pseudonym) told AFP broke the news, reflect the network intermediary platform dedicated to the recruitment of part-time staff when the brush in hand, to help Taobao online sellers brush false volume and praise, in order to make a profit, he had done the first half hand brush. Then Zhang Yan again to seek part-time college student identity into the intermediary platform, more than 2 months of undercover, hoping this newspaper opened to the public "Taobao – seller intermediary platform — brush hand" insider trading, by valuing the supervision department.

brush hand exposure

is a single brush


"bit by bit:" the day before yesterday morning, Zhang Yan together bed at the age of 19, it is customary to open mobile phone, see the YY voice group there was no new brush single task. With a total of 6 students in the dormitory, and he is the same as the brush to do a part-time job there are 3. However, beginning more than 2 months ago, Zhang Yan scalping is not in order to earn a living, but to the metropolis daily exposure process all the brush single transaction.

Zhang Yan is a university in Hubei Junior in June last year, introduced by students, come into contact with the name "YY voice fruit – the world – ten group membership group chat platform, to pay 99 yuan fee after entering the platform. After registration, fill in the information, training and a series of strict procedures, began his brush trip. Half a year after his hand brushed the false shopping records of more than 2 thousand, that is to say, he will increase more than 2 thousand false trading volume to Taobao sellers, made more than 2 thousand false praise. "I didn’t want to do it after six months." Zhang Yan said he found the brush on the intermediary platform more and more, the amount of fraud in Taobao is very large, which makes him feel worried and uneasy, so decided to stand up and uncover the inside.

started undercover

through layers of assessment to become a brush

February 3rd, Zhang Yan again to find the YY voice platform part-time "novice" entered the "fruit – World – ten group all members of the group". Reporters found that the brush single group of up to 2182 people registered, there were only 559 people online, and this is just one of the group".

after entering the platform, nicknamed "qiuyinong" training teacher Zhang Yan began to explain one of the. First of all, to fill out a registration form Zhang Yan, in addition to the name of the name, gender, date of birth, but also insist on the need to fill out the address Zhang, computer IP address screenshot, ID card photos, references and other information. In order to prevent the other party had found himself as a brush hand, Zhang Yan after the consent of a friend agreed to fill in the information of a friend.

submitted in strict

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