B2B e commerce marriage wholesale market will become a trend

          bring the wholesale market, people will say "South Yiwu, north three, and Hanzheng Street, and now some would say" South North Alibaba, hc". Electronic commerce has broken the traditional wholesale market pattern, the traditional wholesale market in the face of difficulties, the vigorous development of B2B e-commerce, after several years of "secretly called Jin", B2B and the traditional wholesale market is more important now?


, B2B because of too rapid development, the media will be B2B as the traditional wholesale market of the "terminator", but recent signs that the market, the traditional market did not decline, e-commerce is more eye-catching.

recently, a large number of large wholesale markets have been opened. In September 9th, Fuzhou’s largest children’s clothing wholesale city — Pavilion Street Kids City grand opening; in September 10th, Guangdong’s largest shoe wholesale market in Houjie settled; and after the national day, the southwest region’s largest small commodity wholesale market – Hechuan Yiwu small commodity wholesale market will also be built into the opening, this series is known as "the greatest" wholesale market it seems to indicate that the traditional wholesale market will be "at the center".

along with the construction of a series of new wholesale market opened, the domestic B2B e-commerce is also ushered in the voice of excitement. The financing data of ChinaVenture investment in the group released in September 16th showed that in 2010 1-8 months, the electronic commerce industry financing amount of $338 million, the amount of financing accounted for 48.2% in the field of Internet, e-commerce industry reached the highest level for the year. This shows that the development of e-commerce will speed up.

The traditional development of

and e-commerce market "hand in hand", seemed to imply, the traditional market will be B2B and electronic commerce will make progress together. The author believes that both the market trend or objective analysis, in the next few years, B2B e-commerce will complement the traditional wholesale market, mutual integration and common development, the reasons for the following two aspects.

first, the traditional market is facing the impact of e-commerce and its own cost is too high a crisis, these people are very clear, e-commerce has become a trend, it is undeniable. Therefore, the traditional market can not ignore e-commerce. While the domestic e-commerce has developed rapidly, but the overall development is not mature, in just ten years, in addition to a small city, most areas in the network infrastructure, e-commerce and logistics concepts and consciousness are not mature, either hardware or soft conditions do not have e-commerce completely. This will determine the B2B in the short term can not replace the traditional market.

addition, a series of successful cases show that the combination of both has become a trend. As Beijing’s largest agricultural wholesale market of agricultural products wholesale market, Beijing Hailong Electronics Mall, Shenzhen, Yiwu Huaqiang North mall, Beijing Dahongmen clothing wholesale market, with the same physical stores.

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