Sources said the new part of the cross border electricity supplier is expected to postpone the imple

[TechWeb] May 10th news reports, sources said, regulators are brewing policy adjustments, to be implemented 1 years suspended on some specific regulatory measures implemented new regulations in the cross-border electricity supplier, but the adjustment does not involve tax matters.

according to the "Shanghai Securities News" reported that in April 8th the implementation of cross-border retail electricity supplier commodity regulations (hereinafter referred to as the cross-border electricity supplier of new regulations) adjustment is currently sign between ministries, is expected to recently released. Adjustments include the implementation of the new year to suspend the implementation of the new regulations involved in specific regulatory measures, such as the general merchandise trade customs clearance as submitted.

quoted industry sources said the view of customs clearance can be issued in need of product quality inspection and food and drug supervision departments for the record before, and filing procedures ranging from a few months to more than a year, in addition, there are other reasons for restricting overseas production of customs clearance issued.

reported that the adjustment is expected in the clearance of unilaterally giving 1 years of reprieve, but also requires cross-border electricity in a year transitional period, were prepared in accordance with general trade customs clearance requirements, a year after the strict implementation of general trade customs clearance management.

adjustment does not involve the new tax rate.

foreign retail products into China there are three ways, one is purchasing, and the other is through cross-border electricity supplier, the three is through the general trade.

need to pay the entry purchasing parcel tax, through cross-border electricity entry before April 8th only need to pay a certain percentage of parcel tax, through general trade tariffs and import value-added tax and consumption tax.

April 8th cross-border electricity supplier after the implementation of new regulations, "positive list" in the retail goods through cross-border electricity supplier entry, will impose a certain proportion of the value added tax, consumption tax, even after more than a certain amount of tariffs; "positive list" outside the retail entry or parcel tax levied, or in accordance with the general trade tax. Regulatory authorities have also adjusted the tax rate on the post tax. (small peak)

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