United States black Friday electricity supplier sales hit a record 3 billion


technology news Beijing time on November 26th morning news, U.S. black Friday online shopping continues to grow, and this year once again set a new record. According to the latest report released by Adobe, this year’s black Friday’s total sales of electricity suppliers will exceed $3 billion. It is expected to be the first time in the history of the U.S. retail industry, mobile terminal sales exceeded $1 billion.

Adobe expects this year’s black Friday electricity supplier sales will reach $3 billion 50 million, an increase of 11.4%.

it is clear that in Thanksgiving and black Friday record sales of electricity providers, mobile electricity supplier plays an important role. The mainstream retailers, such as Amazon, WAL-MART, Taghit and eBay have pointed out that the mobile terminal traffic and sales showed a rising trend. Amazon, for example, said the day of Thanksgiving mobile electricity supplier orders more than last year’s online shopping on Monday. WAL-MART said that more than 70% of the site traffic from the mobile terminal on Thanksgiving day. Taghit says 60% of Thanksgiving sales come from mobile devices.

this trend continues to black Friday. Mobile electricity supplier sales in black Friday is expected to be $1 billion 130 million, an increase of 25%. WAL-MART said that 60% orders from black Friday Walmart.com site from mobile devices.

Adobe points out that 56% of all mainstream retail sites on black Friday came from mobile devices. Among them, 47% of smart phones, tablet PCs accounted for 9%.

on the other hand, mobile electricity supplier accounted for 40% of electricity supplier sales, of which about 29% from smart phones, and from the tablet PC 11%. As of 3 p.m. Eastern time on Friday, the completion of the sale of mobile electricity supplier has reached $680 million.

interestingly, however, the data show that the conversion rate of smart phones and tablet PCs less than PC. Although the overall conversion rate is rising, but the smartphone conversion rate was 1.9%, lower than the tablet PC’s, as well as PC’s 4%. As a reference, the holiday season, the average conversion rate of smart phones, tablet PCs and PC were 1.3%, 2.9% and 3.2%.

addition, iOS brings sales still higher than Android. The average order price for iOS devices is $144, higher than $136 for Android devices.

polymerization of Adobe 22 billion time retail website traffic data, including 100 U.S. retailers 80% online transactions.

Adobe pointed out that this year’s best-selling electronic products are apple iPad, Samsung 4K TV, apple MacBook Air, LG TV, as well as Microsoft Xbox.

taking into account the Thanksgiving Day electricity supplier sales of $1 billion 930 million, the total electricity supplier will be two days of nearly $5 billion. Best sales

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