Taobao Buy to beat Jingdong said it also has virtual shopping

recently, the official exposure of Jingdong established a year of PCL laboratory, and revealed that it will launch VR products in September.

a year ago, Jingdong founded PCL labs (cognitive perception laboratory), the main machine learning algorithms, including face recognition, identity recognition, bank card recognition, image and text retrieval, and even virtual fitting room.


these days Taobao Creative Festival, Ali’s Buy+ attract a lot of people try virtual shopping. Jingdong do not want to miss this boom. In fact already Jingdong in APP virtual fitting room, the user can on the model body collocation Jingdong store goods.


September VR products, the Jingdong will give what kind of answer? From the virtual fitting existing at the Jingdong, to make a virtual shopping experience similar to the Taobao Buy+ is not impossible.

Jingdong will do their own VR hardware from the Jingdong’s own business line, the possibility is small. However, and product manufacturers, the introduction of Jingdong virtual shopping dedicated VR head, there is a certain possibility.

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