From the internal and external factors of hindering domestic mobile business development stumbling b


with the development of domestic mobile networks and mobile devices, we can see the development of a series of related industries. Mobile e-commerce is a good example, according to a survey report released by iResearch survey, mobile e-commerce industry in the first quarter of this year has exceeded the mobile value-added service, has accounted for 42% of the total size of the domestic mobile Internet, as a wonderful work in the domestic mobile internet. Nowadays, few people doubt the future of mobile e-commerce, and many enterprises have already aimed at mobile e-commerce. But the mobile e-commerce development in our country can be as you think. In fact, Everything is going smoothly.? In the mobile e-commerce in China presently, both in and out there are certain constraints, these factors that hinder the development of mobile providers in the way of. The following author from inside and outside in the analysis of these factors.

hinder the development of electricity providers from external analysis factors

network speed

although the pace of development of domestic mobile network is very fast, but we also have to admit that the starting point for the development of the domestic mobile network is low, the mobile network speed is still a big problem, which is a problem to restrict the development of mobile e-commerce. In the domestic large and medium-sized city is generally only WiFi signal coverage, the high price of 3G mobile signal and a lot of grass root can not afford, in the vast majority of people still monthly Internet traffic network mobile phone users, and the network speed is a serious shortage, low speed when only 5~6Kb, the highest point it is about 30KB, and this speed, the success of opening a large number of pictures of the electronic commerce website is a problem. The speed of this network is a big external factor restricting the development of domestic mobile e-commerce.

network traffic

another major factor restricting the development of mobile e-commerce is mobile network traffic restrictions. We know that the current mobile network whether it is 3G Internet access or ordinary mobile Internet traffic restrictions are. The monthly mobile phone traffic packages most people use are generally hundreds of megabytes, and even only tens of megabytes. And our electricity supplier site requires a lot of pictures, you need to consume a lot of traffic, and hundreds of megabytes of mobile traffic is generally not enough, which also limits the development of mobile e-commerce.

mobile network terminal equipment

mobile network equipment Tablet PC is not necessary because of life, this popularity is not very high. Mobile e-commerce relies mainly on smart phone devices. Although the smart machine rate increasing in the domestic popularity, but also the starting point for the development of domestic intelligent mobile phone is very low, the current domestic mobile phone intelligent configuration is relatively not very high, intelligent mobile phone resolution, efficiency, stability and so on to a certain extent restricts the development of mobile providers. >

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