JACK&JONES Taobao first shop three Tiancheng clothing store

+ traditional brand network marketing will touch more spark? October 18th, JACK&JONES third days Taobao mall official flagship store opened, single day transaction volume soared to 470 thousand, sold more than 2 thousand pieces of clothing, has become the first Taobao clothing store.

shop three days to become Taobao’s first clothing store

October 15th, the company announced that JACK&JONES and Taobao bestseller casual jeans brand’s official flagship store opened. Previously, data from Taobao show that in the first half of this year, JACK&JONES series of products in the online transaction volume has reached 370 million Taobao. In April this year, JACK&JONES’s other rivals in the Chinese, the famous Japanese brand UNIQLO casual settled Taobao mall about 300000 yuan trading day, JACK&JONES also accelerated the net plan.

October 15th, JACK&JONES mall Taobao official store just opened a large number of consumers attracted. JACK&JONES even had to be taken by surprise, because customer service while receiving 40-50 who want to ask and cause the computer to crash. Day trading volume reached about 200000.

in October 18th, after 3 days, familiar with the adjustment, JACK&JONES Taobao official mall store ushered in the climax –100 million in the day around the JACK&JONES official store, single day trading volume reached 470 thousand, sold a total of more than 2 thousand pieces of clothing. JACK&JONES became the first clothing store in Taobao.

JACK&JONES’s net goods tactics

big brand Taobao, facing a big problem is the conflict between online sales of goods and offline channels. JACK&JONES will not enter Taobao marketing that online marketing and offline, to create the "net goods shop for Taobao". It has become the first Taobao clothing store magic.

JACK&JONES Taobao flagship store a total of more than and 300 pieces of goods, it is understood in addition to the new and offline store released at the same time, there are a considerable number of shop for goods. These goods are in any line shop to buy JACK&JONES. With this magic, coupled with JACK&JONES’s brand effect, consumers quickly attracted attention to Taobao flagship store.

, according to industry estimates, the average JACK&JONES a line shop daily sales of around 20 thousand, October 18th JACK&JONES Taobao store sales worth at least 20 line shop.

big brand Taobao road


chief financial officer Zhang Yong said, the strategic cooperation bestseller fashion and taobao.com, shows that more and more international companies have already realized the importance of electronic commerce in China market. Similarly, it also shows that the well-known brand products, network marketing has become one of the future trends in e-commerce.


Taobao miracle, let more big brand developers to see, following the line of traditional crazy money shop expansion mode, there is a low cost and huge groups of platform waiting for them to gold.

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