Where is the next opportunity Huang Ruo pointed out four directions

news May 28th, 26, the global marketing effect of enterprise Criteo and billion state power network jointly organized the French Embassy in the world is so big, accurate find TA online retail high-end salon, before Dangdang COO yellow if diving first public appearance after the speech. He believes that the future of the new electricity supplier opportunities mainly in 4 areas: Mobile, local life, O2O, regional center.

(Huang Ruo)

Huang Ruo believes that in the future of the mobile Internet era, the electricity supplier companies in order to grasp the new opportunities there are 4 key words: first, mobile, and the two is the local life, the O2O is the three, the regional center. He said the new company emerged in the past two or three years (such as honey bud, honey Amoy, every orchard) features and characteristics of a number of business performance is completely different, after 5 years, these new companies may be able to subvert the past 10 years of business.

he said that although the Alibaba is a cattle enterprise, but he believes that Ali did not seize the development trend of the next stage, the mobile terminal, O2O and localization are Ali weaknesses, so don’t think the outcome has been determined, the peak of 5 years under a will than the last 10 years more intense.

Huang Ruo also analyzed in the salon, the past ten years, the main characteristics of the electricity supplier has three key words: first, the use of PC computer based, and the transaction is mainly based on the kind of class, the center of the trend is very obvious three.

he said, electricity supplier in the past has been in the fight, fight, fight the flow of user scale, spell expansion, playing a game with others to burn, the rules of the game to defeat others, this possibility is almost zero. Over the past ten years, China has about 10 million electricity supplier was established, but only about 10 (such as Taobao, Jingdong, poly America, etc.) surfaced, and this is only about 1% of the electricity supplier in the electricity supplier there are only about 2 of the living space.

in addition, Huang Ruo also at the meeting to share his ideas from traditional retail Internet marketing. He believes that a traditional retail, find a user is difficult to keep a user easier, while the electricity supplier is on the contrary; two, the traditional retail sales are basically the end of the transaction, and in the era of electricity providers purchase is the start of marketing. Electricity supplier companies focus on the marketing of new users, rather than the input of the old user, this approach is biased.

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