Tengyun hotel management software individual room room out how to solve


room in the hotel reception staff can open the room system through the hotel to master rooms, such as being able to see what the room is empty, what room has been booked rooms, from day to day to live… In short, is the state of the room, the guest room is used to display has admitted, or free, whether cleaning etc..


the real state of hotel management system can help reduce the workload of many hotel staff, Tengyun hotel room state map interface management software is mainly divided into: refresh / closed room state map, real state map display area, the real state identification zone. The software interface is very clear and intuitive, to help the hotel staff to record the current state of the hotel room.


Tengyun hotel management software real state map interface

According to

Software Engineer jcipc reaction, many customers in the real state chart using software, individual room room will disrupt the interface, which may be due to improper setting real state diagram, the hotel operator encountered such a situation how to deal with /p>? "

open the software interface, select "system settings" – "automatically repair data", you can return to normal. Remark: if the problem has not been resolved after the operation, there is a mistake, please contact the agent or the software.


if you still do not quite understand, you can contact the good software official website (http://s.www.flyhight.com/) online customer service, or direct online consulting technology QQ, remote assistance to explain. Thank you very much for your support!

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