Force good Alibaba to do big B

following the upgrade from the "Taobao Alibaba strategy" as the "Ali" strategy since the development of the core BBCS line has not changed, the Alibaba’s BBCS theory is that B is the first manufacturer, the second B trade, wholesalers and Taobao sellers, online shopping consumer terminal guest is C. This is the layout of the new commercial civilization proposed Ali – B2B2C2S. The S has also begun to appear, is the e-commerce service providers, such as CEBCC network services e-commerce outsourcing and Taobao logistics plan the seller cooperation logistics companies, software companies and bank service system network services.

recently, Lu Zhaoxi, chief executive officer and executive director of Alibaba announced that Ali’s B2C trading platform, good name, was officially renamed good unlimited". Renamed after the "good unlimited", the platform features from the "brand publicity portal" + "quality goods recommendation center" two core components.

good future infinite development will focus on the integration of Alibaba B2B, Taobao B2C and Taobao C2C mall platform resources, and establish the unlimited business is a depth of service — net goods "quality certification system, for outstanding suppliers according to the introduction, in order to successfully enter the infinite good platform, through three certified suppliers demanding 100%: business after the production capacity of factory inspection; supplier on any product quality, must through the third party verification mechanism in detection; sale and customer service sectors, the need for strict inspection of goods warehousing, suppliers will be ready to accept the buyer sampling test, all the links are qualified goods on-line. Good unlimited business to foreign trade production-oriented manufacturers, with the brand home more than Taobao mall, good infinitely more concerned about the quality of a single product, focusing on commodity operations. In May this year, the platform launched the country’s first net goods quality certification system to protect the quality of goods."

in the long run, it is necessary to establish a set of quality service and quality certification standards for suppliers and products. Help suppliers to open the online retail market, so that its production capacity in a good service and quality certification system, better service for consumers. The network authentication system upgrade, the industry is called "online shopping quality certification 2 edition.

good will for the Alibaba unlimited another platform for global speed bribe in-depth cooperation, Lu Zhaoxi said, PayPal officially stopped service in August 3rd, Alibaba has done a lot of preparatory work, exit PayPal impact on aliexpress users is very small, in the absence of PayPal payment tools, many users choose to use credit card payment to use aliexpress platform. Alibaba official said the future will introduce more payment methods to facilitate overseas buyers. According to Alibaba earnings, the total market value of goods sold through the globe to grow 6 times in a year, has become the world’s largest online trading platform B2B.

Alibaba will be a good name

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