My domain rich heart yo

– the story of me and the Chinese domain name

early in the school, I saw many stories about the riches of the cooked rice. Who do not want to deduct, a domain rich! For the farm of origin, family distress, is keen to improve the living conditions of the me, the temptation is always let my heart, blood


although no money investment domain school, but these stories to me later became to induce rice farming.

After graduating from

to participate in the work, in the hands of a point at the end of their own money, I think the domain name of the investment will be inflated every day.

but I also know that.Com and.Cn, such as the suffix of the golden age of the domain name has passed, a good domain name has long been left for me.

last year, the news from the media, China Internet management center officially opened the Chinese domain name registration. In various publicity, which is regarded as an important measure to get rid of the shackles of the Internet! Chinese domain has been described as a national brand on the Internet! This greatly aroused my pride, sense of national Chinese registered the domain name registration and sense of responsibility! Chinese simplified domain name can also receive the traditional domain name. I feel a new opportunity to put in front of me, I want to seize the opportunity to join the domain name industry!

I am the one who is more cautious, although there was a huge opportunity in front of me, but I still want to be careful, think carefully, to note the good, fine! (at the time, I still do not understand the "registration")

I think I registered every day in which domain when good, there was an article about Chinese domain news quickly in the media is a reprint! Said Mr. just spent more than one thousand yuan of registered Chinese FA Chinese domain, it has been used to 150 thousand yuan to buy lottery web site, and registered they refused, because he felt that the domain name more than the value of the money


read this news, my domain psychological riches like drinking stimulants like can not suppress the


so I have nothing to do during the day on the registration of Chinese domain names, at home in the evening on the computer which can be registered. But let me feel chagrin, I think a lot of good industry, I place names, scenic spots and specialty name and so on have been registered, and some is in a few minutes before I query registered! At this time, I feel there seems to be tens of thousands of people crowded for treasure in the shouting, and I also, red eyes, desperately trying to squeeze into the crowd, hand far into the treasure, attempt to rush to get a tiny bit of


is not easy, I query to "wages, China," "couplet, China," and other domain names are not registered. So I think, these two days to go to the bank to transfer the money to the Registrar there (I will not transfer payment online), I hope not to be robbed!

in these two days, I’m ready to register

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