Yang Wenjian how do make 10000 a month fourteen

no celebrity gossip is not a celebrity, not Baidu K is not a webmaster. One day Baidu algorithm changed, my first stop was Baidu K off. A day to earn hundreds of websites so not to say, no pain that is false, but the heart is also down, not every day to write some original article rubbish. Go out for a few days, I think I should learn SEO.

was Qiushi in SEO in the very fire, the site has been K before because they have tens of thousands of IP station, will safeguard can’t calm down to Study hard every day. When the site was K, I went to the site of the site of the SEO good research all the posts in the forum. He wrote the essence of the post I saw N times, have a basic understanding of SEO, the original SEO can do so. Read many of the cases he wrote, I feel very exciting, but do not know how to operate. Perhaps it did not want to go to the operation of it, with the novel, when it is very cool, after the end of how to forget the cool.

07 years also earned a lot of money, but in the end did not save much money, the union made money, and immediately took out to consume. My point of view is to learn to consume, to stimulate their desire to make money from consumption.

Qiushi wrote SEO the real case of maneuverability, many people did not go to operation. Why is this? I think it is not enough self-confidence, or see Qiushi so simple a figure can be tens of thousands of IP, IP think it too easy to do, can not find a better method to go on. Think about it, it’s not for me. It was also the end of the year, to my father bought a cell phone, Ann heart home. So over the years to do LuoTi Related words I, 163 mailboxes, tudou.com cases even Qiushi said, I do not think there is no LuoTi keyword my good. Professional in their familiar keywords, can do more to optimize.

is probably a lot of people see the Qiushi case to a direct copy of his words and page, without directly copied and modified, this is the most direct way, or is it after reading, how not to do. This is the two extreme, the best way is to copy the mind, and then find another field to do.

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