Wanda electricity supplier who had recruited the nternet who came to sell things can not find the


June 3rd CEO Dong policy Wanda electricity supplier turnover, the reason for the resignation, Dong policy internal letter said the family is sick, had to return to Australia, but there are people who take care of "Wanda internal has said: do magnificent Dong policy in the PPT demo, but the system development and the actual business progress is very slow.

in June 4th, in "you can’t do it: Wanda, the pressure is so big," a text, analysis of the reasons for the resignation of Dong policy, said:

The military management

Wang Jianlin as Wanda injection is become the key leaders of the company China Wanda, Wanda is among the world’s attention and high speed engine enterprises. But also very cruel, especially in the performance of executives blame — for Wang Jianlin, management of the huge Wanda Empire, especially in some on the face and lining the transformation of business, is not allowed to go wrong and stagnation, so executives Kuaijinkuaichu in Wanda will be not at all surprising.

yesterday, Vanke weekly, a report, we from Wang Jianlin’s speech, you can also see some of the deep-seated reasons for the resignation of Dong policy.

June 5th, Yu Liang 59 people to carry out the management of Vanke Beijing Wanda headquarters to learn exchanges, Wang Jianlin led Wanda executives attended the 15. At the meeting, Wang Jianlin said: "the world does not need another Alibaba, to do something different." Not in the same place?

Wang Jianlin said Wanda electricity supplier had recruited a number of people to do the Internet, and later found that they came just to sell things, can not find the feeling." In the development plan of Wanda, the electricity supplier is not a pure sales oriented, it undertakes the task to Wanda Plaza passenger into Wanda membership system, data mining and membership system, to make financial and cultural, sports and other emerging industries, to open up new areas of consumption in china.

in fact, the Internet is currently more adept at the field of electricity providers or those overcapacity industries, such as clothing, mobile phones, electrical appliances, books, agricultural products, etc.. Are doing electricity supplier, and ultimately want to sell things are not the same.

to do so is facing two problems:

one, to compete with the Internet electricity supplier, the number of members must be rapid growth, while the expansion rate of Wanda Plaza nature is not as good as the speed of shopping APP installation;

two, the membership system can provide members with a variety of things – who wants to hold a card, can only be used in a number of specific shopping malls?

Wanda answer to the first question is: faster; the answer to the second question is: buy. Wang Jianlin said:

online is not easy to go down the line, the line is not easy to go online, but the most difficult is the line…… It is physical activity…… The Internet must be combined with the so-called Internet plus and entity."

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