Wu Bo seventh pioneering counterattack a revolution in retail O2O games


Wu Bo left the handle network, began the seventh venture. This time, he said it was completely upside down. The last six are starting from the first tier cities, the need for large sums of money, pay attention to the rapid scale. This time, Wu Bo said, into the three or four line of the city, do not need to venture capital, the goal is small and beautiful.

down to the reasons, not because of the past entrepreneurial lessons, but different business needs different forms of play. This time, Wu Bo in the three or four tier cities to do clothing and building materials chain, he provides a technical platform, the right to purchase the local shop, play a revolutionary retail O2O games.

O2O can aim at traditional retail

billion state power network: many people say cannot read Canada Music in the end what to do, can you speak more clearly at


Wu Bo: in fact, this field can understand people, just a layer of window paper, a little broken. O2O do not look at the service sector, buy to do good, do not just want to do coupons, there is no core. In fact, O2O can be aimed at traditional retail, regardless of how the development of electronic commerce, the store before, later, you dare to say that Apple stores will die? The streets could not only Suning Gome, there must be other forms of shops.


this venture, plainly, is to the three or four line of the city opened a clothing store and building materials stores. Different from the traditional chain stores, we take online and offline combination, with less 100 square metres to 2 tablet computer, the user can not find online love style, online selection and orders, can also line line fitting. Canada music platform, the core business is to solve the problem of low efficiency of traditional retail by means of O2O.

billion state power network: you said the traditional retail industry to O2O the wind blowing, why there is such a judge


Wu Bo: Chinese retail industry in recent years changed much over the past ten years, my wife China from shopping to the United States, it is China to buy something from the United States, more than three times the price difference, the most hateful is made in china. why? Chinese retail start to tired, big city commercial real estate is too expensive, the center of the most cattle shoppingmall shops are losing money. On the contrary, the three or four line city urbanization speed, demand, commercial real estate prices have not gone up. There is more need for the Internet and good goods and services. So, I went to the three or four line of the city to open clothing stores and building materials stores.

billion state power network technology platform specific solutions to what you say,


Wu Bo: for example, how many people are there in the coffee shop at the two of us?. For traditional stores, there are three key issues, one is the flow of people, the two Ping effect, the stock is three. The traditional retail rarely see people flow and conversion rate. We will make full use of mobile Internet

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