Jingdong micro shop strong investment exclusion third party service


] April 24th news billion state power network, the day before, a billion state power network WeChat users broke the news, had previously reported the Jingdong micro store project (ie the original pat micro shop) has officially launched the investment system. The investment rules system introduced the Jingdong micro shop merchants settled qualification, investment categories and charges.

at present, Jingdong micro shop settled only for QQ online shopping merchants open, but for non QQ online shopping merchant recruitment standards have been basically formed.

noted billion state power network, the Jingdong in the micro shop merchants settled in a prescribed qualification, enterprises must first register the type of business services, and the WeChat service number can not be opened for the other third party platform.

according to pat micro shop side explained that the so-called other third party platform, refers to the micro shop other than the main development tools. This means that if the merchant if you want to settle in Jingdong micro shop, will be the first to close the self or outsourced to other service providers, developers WeChat mall.

investment category, Jingdong micro shop attract mainly clothing, shoes, outdoor sports, 3C, cosmetics, jewelry and other 12 categories of merchants settled.

at present, Jingdong micro shop store type is divided into flagship store, store, franchise stores three. Among them, the flagship store refers to the business with its own brand (trademark R or TM state) Jingdong settled micro shop shops; store refers to the business to brand authorization documents open in the Jingdong micro shop shop; shop is refers to the commodity more than two and the brand management of Jingdong micro shop the same categories of investment shop.

in three types of shops, Jingdong micro shop requirements in the name of the merchant shop may not have official words, and up to no more than 11 Chinese characters, Chinese and English shop names up to no more than 32 characters. Merchants will be named in accordance with the following rules:

1) flagship store, naming "brand name + (category) + flagship micro shop";

2) store flagship store, naming rules for "service brand name + flagship store";

3) stores, the naming rules for the "brand name + business + monopoly micro shop";

4) franchise stores, the naming rules for business name + brand name + franchise store".

in terms of tariffs, Jingdong micro shop charges include margin, annual fee, commission three parts. First, settled in the micro shop merchants need to pay 20000 yuan deposit integrity. If you have joined the QQ online shopping platform, margin balance shall not be less than 20000 yuan, the margin charged by the online shopping platform payment standard management.

Some categories of standard


addition, each store needs to pay 9600 yuan per year platform to use the service fee, monthly deduction, merchants settled in the month does not deduct the annual fee, withdraw from the month to be deducted annual fee.


Commission according to the category is divided into different levels. Among them, clothing, shoes, outdoor sports category commission ratio >

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