Electricity providers continue to continue the price war will exist for a long time

from the "Jingdong wash respite" argument to the United States online Qingming "eulogy", many people are discussing whether the electricity supplier price war gradually towards the ideal, while similar to the last 815 electricity supplier price war or will not repeat, more people will interpret these arguments as a turning point in electric business competition, and if review of the major electricity supplier market share, and will be linked to the nature of the electricity supplier, we can find that the electric enclosure still did not stop the price war, it can hardly be avoided.

it is understood that in 2012 self B2C market continued strong growth in Jingdong self B2C market share in the first mall, the market share increased from 36.4% in 2011 to 49% in 2012, an increase of 12.6% market share. Suning.com market share of 13.6%, more than 6.8% of the Chinese Amazon, Dangdang ranked fourth, share of 4.8%. Fast and easy share of 3.7%, Gome was 3.6%, vip.com 3.5%, and one where the store is 2.9%.

especially in the field of 3C Jingdong, relying on the advantage of 3C mall started, accounted for 38.1% of sales in the 3C business, the B2C 3C mall merchandise sales of the first, from these data, the Jingdong store seems to occupy a great market advantage, one-sided market structure seems very obvious, plus Liu Qiangdong holding a huge financial reserves, it is no wonder that Jingdong will develop the market tone adjustment for rational utilization.

, however, these data do not seem to explain a set number of China pattern of B2C market, puts forward the future strategic direction of Jingdong in the mall at the same time, the integration of Tencent mall fast and easy, fast and easy to increase a lot of challenges of the capital, in the next market, suning.com, Gome online mall after the other B2C the future market structure, there are still many variables, the Jingdong store once the listing is successful, in order to obtain the absolute growth rate, in the domestic electricity market, the price war seems to be the most effective and direct killer.

at the same time, what is the nature of the electricity supplier, Liu Qiangdong gave us the most straightforward explanation is that spoiled consumers, with the best user experience to win customers. But what is the best user experience, online shopping to provide us with a good model, that is parity. In the face of naked parity data, online shopping users can easily be around the high or low prices. Therefore, no matter who is talking about the ship to avoid price, while talking about the user experience, these may only be doing self appreciate.

therefore, regardless of whether the electricity supplier enclosure, which is to be continued, the price war is long-standing, in between the major electricity supplier of course, but the price war the way is different, the price war at the expense of resources are not the same, when the B2C mall to see Tmall market trading volume can not shake, and have the establishment of an open platform to deal with today’s electricity supplier price war will become more and more popular, not only just a few business platform.

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