Discussion on the influence factors of Baidu union advertising unit price

for some time Baidu alliance, with a little experience, do not know right, we used to talk about it!

everyone is doing a website, put the ad code, must be the relationship between income, I think this should be the advertising price we are more concerned about it, here is a little experience I do Baidu! Is not good to say you don’t mind.

first I have to tell you one of my own things, remember doing an experiment, I release an article deliberately with some expensive advertising keywords words in the title. As for the high keyword which, in the promotion of Baidu should be the number of links. My website advertising has changed a little, there have been a number of ads that have never appeared, and I put the music at the beginning of the title, there have been a number of advertising art academies. At that time, I was happy, I thought to find some high key words do I will not send. Oh, I think you must be laughing at me, Baidu really so low, then do not mix in china. Indeed, the website updated for a while, I just into the page, no matter how refreshing nor just advertising, here we all see, search engines also need more advanced response time, etc. it carefully read your post, and will bring the entire site comparison, should not occur the ad will not appear. Here some Adsense sure was scolded, Baidu union advertising businesses are selected on the site, he did not choose you, how may appear in your website? I think there should be some businesses only chose the industry and no restrictions and other conditions will appear this kind of circumstance.

The following

well, want to improve the website price, opportunistic should be difficult. Baidu alliance recently issued a notice that it is necessary to stop the old advertising code, all replaced by a new, I believe most of the webmaster do not know the ultimate purpose. This I should see one of them, that is, my brother has a QQ packet station, the old advertising code, the price of more than 4 corners, I do not know in the end is high or low. But my site price is low, with an average of only 3 corners, the day before yesterday because of the TV all broadcast news, resulting in all site traffic rose, the amount of advertising also rose, the price also fell. I don’t think it’s just me. My website advertising code than the old code, but the time is 4,5 months, and my brother’s website is price is higher than mine, I posted the web site here to see you, yourself, are mechanical advertising, price is different. I think this old code should be a little bit of a relationship, or why Baidu better stop it?

I would like to Baidu union advertising unit I think it should also be related to the quality of the site. My brother’s website PV than IP 10, twenty thousand or thirty thousand IP station PV has remortgage, I stood on the die, IP more than 7 thousand, PV forty thousand or fifty thousand. From here I analyze a site’s advertising display with the advertising unit price should also have a relationship, the more the amount of advertising display, the number of high price advertising should be more, then the overall price increase.


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