Taobao mall renamed actually wise move

at the end of 2011, the hottest topic in the electricity business is naturally Taobao mall Tmall changed its name all day long, there have been a number of electricity providers who published their own views on the Taobao renamed. Some people say the name is "two", also said that Ali group, this move is a serious bureaucratic enterprise; of course, old thoughts, and we can not fully read, but now from the point of view of Taobao mall is now facing the situation, this time it is renamed benefits many.

benefits one, Taobao mall brand independence, development is no longer subject to containment

Taobao mall creation was designed to complement the Taobao C2C market, but Taobao mall development in recent years abnormal rapidly, now on the horse, and now the importance of Taobao mall far beyond Taobao C2C, Maradona also began to take strategic focus to Taobao Shopping Mall field, we used this time Taobao mall to change the rules of the storm will be able to see some clues. And want to let Taobao mall get better and faster development, independent brand is imperative.

before the Taobao mall and Taobao C2C is one of them in the minds of consumers, so it is necessary for the development of Taobao mall will involve Taobao C2C, and the fact that Taobao C2C has developed to impede the Taobao mall. Taobao C2C due to market clutter, there is no brand effect, so it has been giving a sense of a small market, this is a serious constraint to the development of Taobao mall. Consumers also see Taobao mall that is a may contain counterfeit goods, bargaining, led Taobao mall has no way to Jingdong, and Amazon, as truly brand mall.

so this time the brand independence, the biggest advantage is that the development of Taobao mall will be more on the right track, so that Taobao mall to establish a better reputation effect.

benefits two, contribute to the stability of Taobao C2C

Taobao mall and C2C are mutually contained, the impact of the development of Taobao mall C2C, while Taobao mall’s every move will affect the territory of Taobao C2C. The most typical example is to change the rules in a period of time before the Taobao mall event, although the rule is modified for Taobao Taobao mall, but many businesses in the air and the famous Taobao C shop which body, Taobao C shop to change the rules of the Taobao mall bought single. So when the Taobao mall after independence, people will be more rational to see Taobao mall and Taobao C2C, even if there are some rules on the Taobao mall adjustments, will not affect the Taobao C store.

moreover, Taobao was originally created in order to allow more small sellers to find their own business, and in recent years, some of the initiatives Taobao is really deviated from the original intention. Today, Taobao mall independence, Taobao C2C market can be part of the original return to the small and medium-sized sellers to provide a good environment for a situation, it will be

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