The largest liquor sales website brewmaster network will enable mobile phone domain jxw mobi

brewmaster network after second pen financing 50 million dollars, will enable as mobile phone shopping platform, greatly improving the website sales to


brewmaster network CEO Hao Hongfeng said that the current brewmaster network team of about 150 people, including the site operations and technology 50, warehousing logistics has 50 people, the other team of 50 people. It is reported that the brewmaster network now monthly turnover reached 30 million, to the end of the annual target of $500 million, this calculation, the average employee create value reached 3 million, far higher than the industry average. The mobile phone domain to join, will make the brewmaster network will advance breakthrough 10 billion years sales at


Hao Hongfeng explained that now mobile Internet users, the majority of men, about 2/3 (66.5%) of mobile phone users are male. This group, 18~24 years of age more than mobile phone users, accounting for half of the mobile phone users. More than 30 years of age slightly larger Internet users use mobile Internet is less. These mobile phone users are distributed in a variety of occupations, enterprises and institutions of staff and college students in reading is the main group, accounting for 16 of the total. 6 and%13.8%.. And these people are mobile phone control, mobile phone users will believe more brewmaster network through mobile phone channel to buy our wine, also increase the liquor purchase channels.

The mobile phone

brewmaster network domain name is relatively simple, brewmaster network is the first letter of the alphabet, for customers, relatively easy to remember. China’s annual consumption of liquor is 500 billion yuan, in the liquor B2C market will reach more than 10 billion yuan. In April this year, the brewmaster network completed the first round of financing of $20 million, the money is mainly used in the brewmaster network of warehousing and logistics construction. Now with a number of venture capital to start substantive negotiations, coming into the second round of $50 million financing. However, the investment side is very conservative background, the current financing of the pen by a number of venture capital, the specific results of the negotiations to be finalized in October this year. Mobile domain name in November, before the Spring Festival put into use!

through the brewmaster network and the third party logistics companies for product distribution, but because the liquor products damaged, currently from Beijing to other city generally takes about 3 days. In order to enhance the user experience, brewmaster network will establish a branch warehouse in the second city, is expected in the second half of next year to establish their own V IP logistics, for specific user groups to provide fast delivery service.

The core advantage of

is that it is 2000-3000 brewmaster network wine brands of an agent, agent brand Moutai, Wuliangye and other covers alcoholic liquor, is expected by the end of the total number of over 10000. Based on the above advantages channels, brewmaster network product prices to 20 lower than the store next line% – 30%, some of the goods even as high as 50%, and compared the Jingdong mall and other B 2C also have obvious price advantage. This advantage comes from ten years of traditional experience, we can through the liquor manufacturers >

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