Talk about music cool days can impact on the formation of Taobao

It is reported that Baidu

and Japan electronic commerce enterprise "Lotte" to set up a joint venture of B2C shopping website "cool" music ( on-line today. In the operation of the site in the joint venture, Baidu holds 49% of the shares, Lotte holds 51% shares.

is one of Japan’s largest shopping sites, one is China’s largest search engine company, the prospects are very promising. Taobao screen Baidu, so the cool days can bring huge traffic through Baidu, and as the largest shopping site in Japan, Lotte has rich experience in the operation of the electronic commerce, the successful operation of B2B2C mall model experience and brand awareness, the cooperation is different from prior to the launch of Baidu has ah, launched in music cool day, ah is like life information integration platform.

Baidu Taobao each other into the field of

recently Taobao Amoy network quietly on the line, I think this is the strategic development of Taobao in the shield Baidu search engine, after all users rely on commodity search habits difficult to change, and the 1688 in the online search. With the launch of cool days, I still want to have an impact on Taobao, just enter the cool days look, cool days is a mall model, also said that in the B2C and B2B2C areas, Taobao C2C in a single large unmatched, but the B2C and B2B2C fields are it is very complex.

Baidu had responded: B2C will be the future of Baidu electronic commerce strategy, the joint Lotte battles of e-commerce, but also fully demonstrated the Baidu never give up the spirit, after all, such a big cake, everyone wants a piece of. Ah is not smooth, also see Baidu in the operational aspects of the lack of cooperation, this is really exciting, Baidu had previously given data, 50% of users through the search engine to shopping, of course, and to indicate from which search engines, or which accounted for a high proportion of search engine.


with Baidu vs Taobao and Sogou, whether there will be a competition show how, Baidu will go from the old ah, Taobao can deal with Japan’s first shopping site impact, let us wait and see!

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