Out of the price war cycle electricity supplier needs model innovation

Tencent Francisco September 19th message, 2012 China Internet Conference at the end of last week, although this session of the conference of the Internet is the theme of "open · integrity · fusion — for a new era of mobile Internet, but the focus is clearly focused on the electricity supplier price war. According to a media survey data show that 71.2% of users chose the electricity supplier price war for the Chinese Internet in 2012 was the most impressive event.

Compared to some of the electricity supplier chiefs

and Internet Conference on propaganda lively, as the first Chinese Comtech core city IC components import electricity supplier is particularly low-key. Although not involved in the war but Comtech core city slobber, executive vice president Zhu Jizhi came to power, the iPhone5 supply chain was analyzed, and then extends to the electricity supplier price war to break the shackles, to create their own competitive advantages, to the guests throwing a lot of "dry cargo".

price war reflects the business model of war

Comtech core city is China’s largest IC distributor Comtech group in the second half of 2011 on-line import electricity supplier, both in the IC components industry or electricity supplier in the field first, Zhu Jizhi said, before the media have asked the city of Comtech core in price to ensure the line than the line has the superiority, and his answer is Comtech core city and not to consider price competition in the business model of the first.

in Zhu Jizhi’s words, the success of the electricity supplier can actually be attributed to the success of the business model. This business model is based on the value of the electricity supplier to create what new value to the user, or in the industry chain, to the upstream, peers and downstream users what kind of value. Good, unique user experience can be tied to the user, allowing users to produce viscosity, the formation of a true core competitiveness.

is now the price war between the electricity supplier actually reflects the general problem is that the electricity supplier business model is not clear, lack of core competitiveness. In a good business model is not established, good innovation did not find the case, the electricity supplier can only passively into a price war, because of the low to maintain the existing momentum of development of one of the fastest method, but will not be the only theme of the future development of the electricity supplier.

electricity supplier model is the key to experience and innovation

Zhu Jizhi said: electricity supplier model lies in the experience and innovation."

electricity supplier industry experience is the foundation, and only do the Internet is not the same, just consider how to attract users to the Internet from the perspective of the network business model, especially the "light", and the electricity supplier must also take into account in addition to the front end, must have sufficient understanding of the industry, such as the upstream and downstream industry chain management, how to manage between inventory and brand manufacturers and users of the channel development, business expansion in the case of logistics on how to save costs and improve efficiency. The electricity supplier to optimize the online user experience must have the traditional business system under the line, no month after month and year after year industry experience.

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