The development of space on network marketing

we used to fancy is a "scale" to build an e-commerce site, the aim is to possible customers to sell as much as possible, the best is a website to sell all the world. Facts have proved that there are such sites do very successful.

but small and medium enterprises want to be different. They want to have a practical control of their own e-commerce system, only sell his own things. In his eyes, this may be a store, chain store, however, opened in a new world, I call it "fifth continents".

for them, the Internet is now a strong new continents: our country has about 200 million Internet users, which is said to have more than 30% people have been shopping online, in addition to about 600 million of the mobile phone users, mobile phone users are reportedly close to about 30% of the people on the net, some of them even in the mobile network in money. This concept, for the people who do foreign trade, the equivalent of a lot of foreign purchasing power is very strong, the market is very high GDP countries. On the ground, go there to open a store or own products, brand window, until the establishment of a complete marketing and sales system, the cost will be high.

so they want to show their skills in the field of e-commerce. Eleven years ago we told them that in the future if you do not e – commerce, there is no business can be done, when people listen to it even, always feel very far away. Now, more and more people think this thing is about to start immediately.

we only do one thing, is the electronic commerce service, we should put these enterprises directly to the Internet, let them directly to consumers, but also need to do the construction site, open shop, operating an electronic commerce system is the professional thing. I believe this is the most in line with the needs of China’s huge small and medium-sized enterprise groups, they used to be the main driving force of foreign trade as a sales leader, now back to the head of the domestic sales as the main driving force for their future development. This is also a new opportunity for e-commerce.

for the next ten years how to rapidly expand the issue of e-commerce, I think, to maintain innovation is the most important. E-commerce has a history of 10 years, it seems very old, in fact, young, every day can encounter new problems. Innovation may have many directions, but there must be a direction is not lost, that is diversification.

first is the diversification of goods. Some people think every day: now what to sell the most fire, what the best vertical website. Although this is a very good question, but you do not see what others do fire what you do. To tell you the truth, if you are very familiar with a particular commodity, you can do it now. When it comes to clothing there are 100 times the space, but the proportion of clothing in the total retail sales, but about 10%. So, compared with the whole social retail market, the category of e-commerce is still too narrow, there are 99% areas did not do well.


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