Amoy music world deserted have been accused of business fraud

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announced this year listed business platform suddenly lost contact, what is behind the mystery? The day before, the media exposure of the world hundreds of music Amoy franchisees cheated, no complaints.

the morning of April 5th, the "daily economic news" reporter came to the company in Beijing Fengtai District office, but also found signs, have been left vacant. This reporter asked the commercial building investment department staff, a manager in the case of the identity of reporters do not know, said the company in February has been leased, rented two years ago, and now can not find people."

it is worth noting that there are franchisees told reporters that the joy of the world had to share the share of Hongkong branch to attract him to join. Le Amoy world has claimed that it is expected to be officially launched in January 1, 2016, the Hongkong stock exchange, but the plan has not been achieved.

disappear music Amoy world


business building manager believes that the investment behavior of the company in the world music Amoy is a hoax, and that the "daily economic news" reporter, "you also joined this company? How can you believe it? Are false."

"Beijing morning news" reporter by telephone to the company’s staff, the other said, there will be a return on investment behavior, there are other circumstances, "we will work according to the contract". No place for its office, the other said, is being renovated".

contact reporter was removed to a franchisee of Mr. Wang (a pseudonym), he said that he is "a computer can start" advertisements, joined the Beijing Sheng Dingcheng Technology Co. Ltd. Lok world online mall project, and a one-time payment of 43800 yuan plus jiamengfei, become the regional agency for the appearance of a "Amoy music world" website with the domain name and the name of just as like as two peas, different mall, businesses promise to achieve higher sales promotion.

Mr. Wang to produce the contract, as a regional agent, the development of regional sales in the offline franchisee, the cooperation costs 40% charged by Party B, Party B shall also enjoy the regional cooperation of all customer sales profit 5% of the total investment of 10000 yuan, "there are 4000 yuan return, I took a fancy to this." Mr. Wang said.

but things are far from Mr. Wang think smooth, after paying the money for two months, he did not sell a commodity. Last December, Mr. Wang once again call 400, but have no answer, call mobile phone number "no service", he became aware of the situation right, then learned that a lot of other franchisees even mall pages are not open. "They said that the profits of 500 yuan can be raised, but in the past few months, a total of once." Mr. Wang said helplessly. Another franchisee said, once again asked to upgrade the site, the final payment of 19800 yuan fee." But he not only can not sell goods, even their own goods have not received.

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