The United States garment association complaints to the U S proposal to pull its selling Taobao int

beauty Garment Association recommended that the federal government sued Taobao and selling its pull into the blacklist

[TechWeb] News reported in April 14th, according to Bidness Etc website reported that American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA) last week to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and the office of the US trade representative submitted a complaint, accused of selling the serious problem of Alibaba.

, President of the association of Juanita Duggan in the complaint letters of Alibaba said: "Taobao is one of the world’s biggest selling platform. Every day, our members discover thousands of fakes on Taobao, resulting in loss of sales, reputation damage, legal costs and resource consumption of up to several million dollars."

Duggan said that the association has more than 1 thousand member brands. Although some members barely requires the platform to take down a small part of the infringing products, but the majority of the members are involved in the program on the low efficiency of unnecessary and overelaborate formalities.

, the association also said in his letter, he has been working with representatives of Alibaba, Ali has also listened to his proposal, but the relevant recommendations failed to strictly enforce the actual.

In the

to the U.S. trade representative’s office of the complaints, Duggan suggested the clear, if the selling situation has not been improved, in 2015 the report will blacklist Taobao.

Alibaba spokesman said the company since 2012 and the American Apparel and footwear association cooperation, discuss how to solve the network problems and selling Ali with the association and its members together. We will continue to work with AAFA."

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