CCTV network force has been operating 8 years of electronic business platform was not optimistic

in a low-key operation after 8 years, CCTV network business platform was officially launched. At the same time stressed the quality of positioning, CCTV mall in terms of price and category and did not show too much prominence, but behind it has a new set of electricity providers play.

media electricity supplier new play

at the end of last year, in the mall quietly in the domain name change to "", CCTV into e-commerce enthusiasm began to emerge. To July 2nd this year, the official launch of CCTV network mall boutique shopping B2B2C platform.

for businesses, watching CCTV platform, and look at Tmall, Jingdong, Dangdang platform is different.

and the traditional electronic business platform is different, CCTV is the media, since the beginning of no sell things gene. However, its business model has been operating very mature, which has a wealth of channel resources, advertising resources, network resources and social resources.

for CCTV, it seems to be particularly aware of their own characteristics, so in the time of the official launch of the mall, CCTV made it clear that the mall’s model is to do media business".

rich resources can drive the mall’s sales, but the online shopping features for CCTV mall is just a side.

first, CCTV mall can use CCTV’s own channel for promotion, because the coverage is very wide in the country, so the insertion of each information will be relatively easy to get good advertising results.

in addition, the CCTV mall website can be seen, there are two plates clearly highlighted – electricity supplier media and anti fake alliance".

more than two points are in line with its media electricity supplier ideas.

through the CCTV channel resources and the ability to promote the dissemination of strong, CCTV tried to provide the media + electricity supplier ‘s integrated marketing communications program, which has been very different from the electricity supplier and the play. Not only that, some local TV has its own TV shopping platform, "media + electricity + TV shopping" may be the local TV standard. CCTV may also use implantable advertising to attract electricity providers to join its electronic business platform, so that some small businesses can use a lower cost TV star to promote their products." Donews columnist, senior e-commerce researcher Lin Hairu analysis.

although many e-commerce professionals mentioned in the CCTV mall itself is skeptical, but once considering its resources can be integrated with CCTV marketing, opinions will tend to be positive.

if the CCTV network mall can do with TV advertising, there will be a market, if not, then the operation will be more difficult." Specializing in brand operation of e-commerce Huang Shanshan told the new financial reporter.


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