My view on network marketing of small and medium sized enterprises

for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, due to the bottleneck of capital personnel, there is no professional website management, based on this I according to some of my personal experience and try to talk about some experience in website management of small and medium enterprises.

first, as soon as possible on-line, do update

enterprise website, always want to do the site is very beautiful, very attractive, of course, for the image needs of the site, it may be so; but I think


site is beautiful or not is not important, at the beginning of the network publicity and marketing, the first by a can generally meet the requirements of the website is enough, it is important to update on the website after the on-line content, dead site is always difficult to raise interest, the same enterprise website can also update to improve the attention of the user on the site, especially B2C, C2C, enterprise site, at the same time the enterprise of the company can be some of the ideas and concerns of communication with customers, such as two-way communication platform, can make things more effective.

two, do network maintenance

website is only the first step in the establishment and use of network marketing, after taking the first step, but also need to do a solid job of maintenance.

1, frequently issued exchange links

exchange links is an effective way to improve the site’s click rate and visibility, the same is true of corporate websites, exchange links can make the site in the search rankings in front, to facilitate the search for potential customers. But note that in exchange links, the chain should choose a better image, have a certain relationship with the business links in the chain to prevent exchange due to poor marketing image of the image of the enterprise, it The loss outweighs the gain..

exchange links also need to plan, step by step, through the release of link plan and step, make the website to obtain stable reputation at the same time, can get more popular search spiders, but also can better maintain their own corporate image.

2, search rankings and registration

A means of promotion

search rankings and registration network promotion is more traditional, especially for new sites is very suitable, when the website design, you should start taking into account the search rankings and the problem of registration.

3, online advertising

network advertising than traditional advertising features low price, wide spread, high efficiency, is a very effective means of network promotion, the easiest way is through professional advertising companies to help launch, but as a personal experience, enterprises can independently launch better according to their own industry characteristics, through Baidu advertising alliance network media, also can choose to have considerable influence in the enterprise within the industry website launch, at the same time through the soft hand to write soft increase promotion efforts, preferably with some marketing activities to do promotion, there will be good effect; at the same time also can assist other members, such as mail promotion system >

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