Brother was forced to turn 14 years of hard work to the company listed ghost know what he experience

Abstract: I don’t care you once because of difficulties in reality how many times that dream is very far away from their own, but I really want a true story with the cheetah mobile to tell you, as long as you adhere to the dream, as long as you do not forget the beginning of the heart, one day, dreams come ture


2016 will ask what is strong, Xiaobian cheetah will definitely soil trench in 2016 will make the dream earth trench


the whole company number more than 2 thousand people, distributed in every corner of the world, at the same time to arrive in Shanghai, security, no one left behind, still have 7 hotels in nearby Disney! But for 2000 people together to set ticket hotel nothing, they still pack the two high-speed trains and shuttle bus!! (Hao, Hao is really


last year, so this year so Hao,


last year, the cheetah moved to convene the annual meeting of the company in 2016, the theme is set sail". In line with this theme, the cheetah mobile rented with a great reputation of the Costa Crociere "the Atlantic", for a period of 6 days and 5 nights cruise.

the ship from Italy cruise ship, with 12 passenger decks, 999 rooms, 12 bars, 3 swimming pools, has been known for its luxurious. The degree of mobility of the cheetah can be seen from this.

users have commented that the company is still missing it?


but don’t look at the annual meeting. Hey, last year the cheetah was really hard.

After the listing of

shares fell in a complete mess, old Fu Sheng said that this 1 years of pain and pressure over the past 30 years of pain, but still at the end of the year with a wave of employee selection.


said Fu Sheng himself is the old arena, much more difficult than the wind and waves to see more of the workplace to upgrade the road can be described as a strange way to write a male version of the "promotion of Du Lala".

today is the former eight hundred and eighteen Lei Jun, Ma Huateng, Zhou Hongyi and other chiefs charge into the enemy ranks of the players.


with 400 yuan Beijing part-time work overtime every day but Zhou Hongyi scolded traitor

Fu Sheng was born on 1978 in Jiangxi Jingdezhen, his wife joked that he 24K gold "grass root" CEO.

compared to the previous school overlord Ogawa, Fu Sheng should be considered a grass root: two to the school, a little fat, no background home after graduation, Chuaizhuo 400 dollars to run in Beijing, because can not find work, going through the examination of gold.


Who knows

graduate students not admitted, but forced livelihoods into the workplace, from the beginning of the cellar, crowded bus, by the landlord to go to, the year 5, moved home 6 times, for a job, after rushing, wronged life.


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